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Trolling The Nation for Eagles at Cowboys: “TEAM 37-BURGER!!!”

Relive the game via the comments of Cowboys and Eagles fans as they watched the Eagles implode.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Here’s your chance to relive what Eagles fans were thinking while they were watching the Cowboys dismantle the Eagles - via the comments made by those fans while watching the game. And to celebrate the occasion, we’ve added a new twist and added comments by Cowboys fans into the mix as well.

We couldn’t let the occasion pass without archiving those reactions for posterity. The Cowboys season was teetering on the edge of oblivion but they are now back in the game.


Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Quarter
Eagles Can we put up 40 today???
posted by Dawk Dawk Goose | 15:52
Eagles Week 3 of the Carson Crazies praying Jalen has a bad game.
posted by phuckdallas | 16:13
Cowboys We need to stop silly 2020 mode and concentrate on 2021 draft, wins are stupid now.
posted by puntagain | 16:23
Cowboys I feel like the Boys are on Team Tank today.
posted by rocketcoe | 16:29
Eagles Hurts looking good!!
posted by eagleonmars | 16:30
Eagles Jalen Hurts. You can't stop him. You can't even hope to contain him.
posted by saratoga7 | 16:33
Cowboys We can’t stop the run. What makes anyone think we can stop a running QB.
posted by pfloyd2 | 16:33
Eagles Sean Lee is still alive?
posted by thephillyespecial | 16:34
Cowboys Hurts is putting the hurt on Cowboys defense. How did Cowboys not draft this guy!?
posted by Chrisatx3 | 16:34
(9:04) M.Sanders for 4 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 0 - Eagles 7
Eagles Sanders for president.
posted by TSPC37730 | 16:39
Eagles We should just run that read option until they show they can stop it.
posted by JasonB | 16:39
Cowboys Need a coke machine to play the 0 tech...would be more effective.
posted by 0k | 16:39
Cowboys Fire Nolan now!!!
posted by Robert Enox | 16:39
Eagles Unfortunately all the Cowboys need to do is throw the ball downfield and take the PIs all game.
posted by Fly Like An Eagle | 16:43
Eagles We need to sign Earl Thomas or Eric Berry or any DB with a pulse if we make the playoffs, at this point just throw it to any DB that's in 1on1 and you beat the Eagles lol.
posted by Jrball710 | 16:44
(6:12) DAL field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 3 - Eagles 7
Eagles Trade TDs for FGs all day, final score 56-24.
posted by TEDDIE kgb | 16:45
Cowboys Man this team is a joke.
posted by SBCNA | 16:45
Cowboys Eagles already have this in the bag. They're a lot more fired up.
posted by CowboyOcelot | 16:46
(6:03) J.Hurts pass to D.Jackson for 81 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 3 - Eagles 14
Eagles DJAXX!
posted by Jarvin Driftwood | 16:48
posted by TheNationalBird | 16:48
Eagles HE'S BACK
posted by TheNationalBird | 16:48
Eagles Wow. Give Hurts some tools to use and a bad defense...
posted by Andy from BL | 16:49
Cowboys Gonna lose by 50.
posted by Blueberrydakari | 16:49
Cowboys Well we don't have to worry about winning the division huh?
posted by Chad Loveland | 16:49
Eagles Amazing what an accurate downfield QB can do.
posted by MrOilman | 16:51
Eagles I'm starting to think Wentz was the problem with this offense…
posted by ShowMeYourTD's | 16:52
Cowboys Dang! Jalen Hurts just dialed it up on the Cowboys!? What the heck!? He’s better than Dak, Dalton and Wentz combined! SMH
posted by Chrisatx3 | 16:52
Cowboys Is there some way to keep from giving the ball to Philly? Because it looks like they’re gonna score every time.
posted by Mark Barrington | 16:52
Eagles We're going to be feasting this game
posted by TheNationalBird | 16:54
Cowboys Eagles starting 3rd stringers in the defensive secondary and we can't pass up and down the field on them…
posted by SBCNA | 16:54
Eagles Lurie better get Howie away from the draft this year or we’ll burn down the Linc.
posted by Markymarkz | 16:55
Eagles All my Eagles post-season futures are suddenly back in play.
posted by TEDDIE kgb | 16:56
(4:35) DAL punts
Eagles We’ll just outscore them. Doug will draw up a great offensive gameplan.
posted by macvicta | 16:58
Cowboys Washington is doing their part, but of course, the Cowboys are blowing it!
posted by Van Jaylon 554 | 16:58
Eagles Ok, 3 and out for the 1st time today.
posted by TheNationalBird | 16:59
Cowboys Hurts is looking good.
posted by lufkinpack | 16:59
(2:37) PHI punts
Cowboys Dalton peppering passes everywhere but to the wide receiver.
posted by Barbancourt | 17:04
Cowboys Andy Dalton struggles to complete any pass that travels beyond 10 yards...
posted by just-the-facts | 17:04

Second Quarter
Eagles Alright let's continue the dominance.
posted by TheNationalBird | 17:08
Eagles It’s just a completely different team with a different QB in there. It’s actually amazing.
posted by HB2020 | 17:08
(13:16) A.Dalton pass to M.Gallup for 21 yards, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 10 - Eagles 14
Eagles The offense needs to keep the foot on the gas, the defense is struggling.
posted by Your friendly optimistic Eagle | 17:12
Eagles So we have our foot on their throat and Doug runs on 3rd and 4. So much for keeping the momentum.
posted by EaglesFanatic80 | 17:12
Eagles Schwartz HAS TO will win or lose this game...has to help Jacquet on Gallup somehow, cmon.
posted by EaglesFanOverSeas | 17:12
Cowboys Still very much in this one. Great drive to show we are still very much alive.
posted by The Artist Formerly Known As RomoCop | 17:13
How dare you say something positive on this website!
posted by Finstor | 17:13
Eagles Dallas should figure out how one dimensional Jalen is by the middle of this quarter.
posted by Starkad2 | 17:16
Eagles Right when things seem good the Eagles suck up...nothing that’s gold stays gold.
posted by phillysophical | 17:16
Eagles Who do we want to fire today?
posted by jeagles05 | 17:20
Eagles Line is holding up well today.
posted by eagleonmars | 17:20
Cowboys Man, our defense is so terrible.
posted by Cowboys Win | 17:20
Eagles Lol their defense sucks.
posted by TheNationalBird | 17:21
Cowboys Where is Randy Gregory? Pass rusher.
posted by bcomets | 17:21
(9:24) PHI punts
Eagles Jalen has been figured out. This balance is about to turn. Time to put Wentz in before it's all too late!
posted by Starkad2 | 17:26
Eagles Sigh. We're gonna lose this game aren't we?
posted by eagleonmars | 17:27
Eagles Miles run gains 8 yards, Doug: "Let’s stop doing that now."
posted by Jrball710 | 17:27
Cowboys Noooooooo!!!! I don’t want to pick in the Teens!!!
posted by takeitanlikeit | 17:28
Eagles Defense and Jacquet in particular are getting cooked by the freaking bootleg Red Ranger.
posted by DesertEagles | 17:29
Eagles That big play to Gallup was a “kill, kill” audible for them. This season when we have heard “kill, kill” from Carson, it’s our goose that mostly has been cooked.
posted by Oakee | 17:30
(5:56) DAL field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 13 - Eagles 14
Cowboys I love the resilience of Team Tank. They seem to overcome any anti-adversity.
posted by greg306 | 17:31
Eagles Imagine paying Zeke all that money and not giving it to him at the 1.
posted by Hi I'm Dave | 17:32
Eagles Eagles offense needs to step up here. The Cowboys have all the momentum now.
posted by nononono | 17:33
Eagles This is what we've become.
posted by joey2times | 17:34
Eagles Can we at least move the ball down the field a little bit as opposed to giving Dallas back the ball at midfield?
posted by Hi I'm Dave | 17:34
Cowboys LOL...getting eaten alive by Jalen Hurts.....when the Eagles have halfway decent health they gonna curb stomp the Cowboys
posted by SBCNA | 17:37
Eagles Have to settle for 3.
posted by Flyers100% | 17:40
(2:13) PHI field goal is GOOD.
Cowboys 13 - Eagles 17
Cowboys 2:09 left, Plenty of time to get a score and then double it up to start the 2nd half!!
posted by Northern Cowboy | 17:42
Cowboys 2 minute offense here to get that TD.
posted by go87 | 17:42
Eagles Dallas has figured Jalen out. There is going to be nothing given from here on out. Time to bring Wentz in after half-time. We got to mix this up a bit.
posted by Starkad2 | 17:43
Eagles Is it that Dallas's defense gameplan is decent, or is it that our offense gameplan is uncreative?
posted by TheNationalBird | 17:48
Eagles We're going to have to win a shoot-out.
posted by ferventPundit1 | 17:48
Eagles Dalton’s numbers are ridiculous right now, don’t care who is on the field, it’s Andy Dalton.
posted by TheDisciple | 17:49
Eagles These on-field camera angles are dope. Just waiting for the Madden Playbooks to pop up on screen.
posted by PhillyBirdGang | 17:51
Eagles 3rd and 3, gives Lamb a 10 yd cushion. Friggin idiots.
posted by DesertEagles | 17:51
Eagles Why play cushion on a blitz on 3rd down???
posted by dannythedisciple | 17:52
(:16) A.Dalton pass to M.Gallup for 7 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 20 - Eagles 17
Cowboys Please never leave Kellen!
posted by rashdogg | 17:52
Cowboys Great drive! Nice to see the Cowboys string the plays together and Dalton hang tough.
posted by Desmopilot | 17:52
Cowboys Team Tank in jeopardy.
posted by rocketcoe | 17:52
Eagles This whole season is a reflection and an indictment on Howie.
posted by Markymarkz | 17:53
Eagles Comical and I don’t want to hear about our defense being injured. Dallas defense sucks too and aren’t giving up 10 receptions in a row, they gave up one big play so far.
posted by TheDisciple | 17:53
Eagles Jalen was good in the 1st quarter. Dallas knows how one-dimensional the Eagles are now. It's going to be a long game. Our only hope is Wentz goes in after half-time.
posted by Starkad2 | 17:53
Eagles Nothing has changed... I'm still saying the same thing; Schwartz needs to go, Doug needs an OC, coaching is the primary issue with this team.
posted by dannythedisciple | 17:55
Eagles Put in the 30 million dollar POS.
posted by Markymarkz | 17:55
Cowboys I understand the strategy of tanking but isn't this more fun? Isn't this meant to be fun?
posted by senõrpoco | 17:56
Eagles Dallas has outscored PHI 17-3 since the Eagles got that 14-3 lead. Pathetic defense.
posted by nononono | 17:57
Cowboys Winner of this game will win the division. Boys will beat Giants. Eagles will beat Skins. This 2nd half is for a division title.
posted by DC 71 77 92 93 95 | 17:59
Eagles Please tell me we didn’t draft that bum [Jalen Reagor] because of a 40 time at a “pro day” at home with a hand timed stop watch with his friend holding the timer
posted by HB2020 | 18:00
That's exactly what happen
posted by phillyeagleGuy | 18:00
posted by Scrambling III | 18:00

Third Quarter
Eagles It actually will be some fun to see Dallas get their hopes up this week and then we can lose to WFT next week.
posted by season ticket holder 417 | 18:04
Eagles Every time I see that ginger Dalton this year, it's obvious that the 2nd String Ginger Dalton > Wentz
posted by Philbert Desenex aka Wonder Warthog | 18:05
Cowboys Zeke needs to give Gallup some of his money.
posted by takeitanlikeit | 18:08
Eagles So the Cowboys coaching staff is wasting perfectly good watermelons, huh?
posted by High-sider | 18:12
Eagles This D is going to end up giving Dalton a career day, aren't they?
posted by GhettoVision | 18:12
(12:35) A.Dalton pass to C.Lamb for 52 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 27 - Eagles 17
Cowboys CeeDee schooled that dude.
posted by lonesome devil | 18:13
Eagles Game over, Dallas is winning the division.
posted by phillyeagleGuy | 18:14
Eagles The season comes down to the Reagor vs CeeDee pick?
posted by jeagles05 | 18:14
Cowboys Ceedee! Dalton picking them apart now.
posted by bcomets | 18:14
Eagles We need a real passer to stay in this. Time for Wentz. The Jalen experiment is over.
posted by Starkad2 | 18:15
Eagles Blitz every down. It’s our only hope.
posted by Southparkeagles | 18:16
Cowboys Good, I'll despise Philly forever....Hope we slap them up.
posted by Barbancourt | 18:16
Eagles Lost in all of of this, the Cowboys Oline is atrocious and are crapping all over this Dline.
posted by phillyeagleGuy | 18:17
Eagles Jalen will run for a couple more scores and all will be fine.
posted by JJ Scott | 18:18
Eagles Outscored 24 to 3.
posted by Southparkeagles | 18:18
Eagles Dallas is a horrible defense and even they have figured out how one-dimensional Jalen's play is. Dallas is a bad football team. It's time to put Wentz back in. He beat them once, and he can do it again.
posted by Starkad2 | 18:18
Cowboys Good pressure by Gregory.
posted by troysboys | 18:19
Eagles 3 and out. We are so uninspiring.
posted by TheNationalBird | 18:20
(11:02) PHI punts
Cowboys Let Dalton continue to sling it around.
posted by go87 | 18:20
Eagles Hurts isn't the answer. There's a reason he lost his job at Alabama and was a reach in the second round.
posted by fegerter | 18:21
Eagles 6 possessions and Dallas has punted once.
posted by rockies5555 | 18:21
Cowboys Hate ruining our draft picks. But a win against the Eagles always feel good no matter what.
posted by Lil J Moore80 | 18:21
Eagles Andy Dalton - HOF’er.
posted by Southparkeagles | 18:24
Eagles Why are we acting as if the whole secondary is missing. We are only down McCleod and Maddox (ehhhhh), Mills, Robey, Slay are all in
posted by TheDisciple | 18:24
posted by TheNationalBird | 18:24
Cowboys Do all those Kellen haters still want him in Boise?
posted by insman | 18:24
Eagles Screw this, I'm watching reruns of Oprah
posted by Worldclassbuck | 18:25
Cowboys Really sick of the douchey Rodgers State Farm commercials. So smug and obnoxious.
posted by Vegas Cowboy | 18:25
Eagles If we lose, I hope the Cowboys get their hopes up and we lose next week. That would be so delicious
posted by phillyeagleGuy | 18:26
Cowboys Any chance we can get a TTN this week??
posted by Blueberrydakari | 18:26
We do not deserve TTN in 2020
posted by greg306 | 18:26
2020 does not deserve a TTN.
posted by Vegas Cowboy | 18:26
Cowboys Dalton with a perfect passer rating at this point. Well done.
posted by insman | 18:28
(8:34) DAL field goal is GOOD.
Cowboys 30 - Eagles 17
Eagles 27 to 3 Dallas run.
posted by Southparkeagles | 18:30
Eagles Jalen will march right down the field, watch. Let's see what he's made of.
posted by Scrambling III | 18:30
Eagles Now we're gonna see how good Hurts really is, he's gonna be forced to stand in the pocket and make smart decisions over and over again.
posted by phillyeagleGuy | 18:30
Bengals The Eagles defense is getting roasted by Andy. I hope he wins another game.
posted by EndlessDisappointment | 18:31
Eagles Jalen is gonna fall apart.
posted by phillyeagleGuy | 18:34
Cowboys How many teams make the playoffs with 0 Pro Bowlers?
posted by Toonz | 18:35
1 I hope
posted by bcomets | 18:35
(6:14) PHI punts
Cowboys RG gonna be good next year with a whole off-season.
posted by SoCalCowboy | 18:36
Cowboys Gregory is playing like the real deal. We have got to keep him.
posted by go87 | 18:36
Cowboys I’ll keep saying it: Dak with this defense would be major contenders.
posted by rashdogg | 18:36
Eagles Teams starting to figure Hurts out.
posted by Southparkeagles | 18:37
Eagles Well I guess this is only his 3rd start, but I kind of had my hopes up.
posted by Mascher&Wentz | 18:37
Eagles Hurts looking like a bust.
posted by EaglesBlitzed | 18:38
Cowboys Somebody on here said Hurts was the best QB in our division. Please raise your hand.
posted by ACowboi247 | 18:38
(4:08) DAL punts
Eagles Remember that time we won the Super Bowl? It's becoming hazy.
posted by dannythedisciple | 18:42
Eagles This is the first game in my 42 years of living I am rooting for the Cowboys. I don't want Doug to mess up any more QBs, and the only way they get rid of Doug is to lose these last 2.
posted by RandyJ1911_ | 18:42
Eagles Why would we need a "spark" when we already have a dumpster fire?
posted by 17thandShunk | 18:42
Eagles Doug again abandoning the run against the worst run D in the league.
posted by big DUB | 18:44
(1:56) PHI punts
Eagles Longest 3rd quarter I've ever seen.
posted by EaglesBlitzed | 18:45
(:50) A.Dalton INTERCEPTED.
Eagles SLAYception!
posted by Jarvin Driftwood | 18:48

Fourth Quarter
Cowboys I expected Hurts to run all over us, so kudos to the defense for containing him so far.
posted by Sean N | 18:54
Cowboys Gregory is just ballin.
posted by troysboys | 18:54
Eagles Sooo, what happened to that offense?
posted by DesertEagles | 18:56
Eagles Fire everyone. This is ridiculous.
posted by EastonAssassin63 | 18:57
(14:09) 4-15-DAL 33 - J.Hurts pass to Z.Ertz for 8 yards. TURNOVER ON DOWNS
Cowboys Cowboys spying on Hurst. I like it - an adjustment. Going for it instead of taking the FG proves we may not have the worst coaching staff the NFC East after all.
posted by Jayddrew | 18:57
Eagles The Cowboys are going to the playoffs and no matter what happens this offseason, they will be BIG favorites to win the division next year. We have no clue who our QB will be next year. Good stuff.
posted by ronnmexico | 18:59
Eagles Making the Cowboys look like they're a 13-3 team.
posted by phillyphanatic10 | 18:59
Eagles Easily one of the worst coaching performances of the year.
posted by Dsmith922 | 18:59
Eagles Hopefully this is the nail that finally gets Howie out of town.
posted by insaneeaglesfanatic | 18:59
Eagles Plot twist: Carson and Jalen are both good and Doug sucks.
posted by Joshhhhhhh | 18:59
Eagles We're being stifled by a Mike Nolan defense.
posted by ferventPundit1 | 19:01
Eagles 2 long bomb touchdowns and we win this thing.
posted by ferventPundit1 | 19:03
(10:21) DAL Punts
Bengals Cowboys D has figured out Jalen Hurts.
posted by TX Bengal | 19:07
Eagles These false starts!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by RootForTheLaundry | 19:08
Cowboys I've heard a lot of praise today for Hurts, but is it just me, or is he garbage? It seems like he is a very poor thrower.
posted by TimAH | 19:08
Eagles 5 false starts
posted by Dawkins20 | 19:09
Eagles 9 penalties. Just a bad game all around for us.
posted by TheNationalBird | 19:10
Cowboys LOL, only a FO as incompetent as ours would allow this team to win the division and screw up decent draft position.
posted by Bigdogrules | 19:11
How dare our FO allow the team to win the division! They are SUCH LOSERS.
posted by Vegas Cowboy | 19:11
(6:42) J.Hurts pass INTERCEPTED by A.Brown
Eagles Game over.
posted by Southparkeagles | 19:12
Eagles Wentz could do that.
posted by jeagles05 | 19:12
Eagles One win wonder.
posted by jeagles05 | 19:12
Cowboys RG was a difference maker today.
posted by 0k | 19:12
Eagles Great. Now we have two QB's that aren't starting material!
posted by GhettoVision | 19:13
Eagles Carson Wentz just smiled and said, "Thank you. I have been vindicated."
posted by High-sider | 19:14
Cowboys I think defenses know how to stop Hurts now. Contain/Blitz and turn him into a pocket passer.
posted by The_Waren | 19:14
Eagles Bench Hurts. #SudfeldNation
posted by xXVolksWestyXx | 19:15
Cowboys Might be Gregory's best game as a pro. He's been dominant today.
posted by DC 71 77 92 93 95 | 19:15
Eagles Eagles need to tank next week and let Washington into the playoffs.
posted by GhettoVision | 19:16
(4:26) DAL punts
(4:06) J.Hurts scrambles, FUMBLES (R.Gregory), RECOVERED by DAL-J.Smith
Eagles A FUMBLE!?
posted by TheNationalBird | 19:19
Eagles Vilma is pro-Jalen Hurts.
posted by High-sider | 19:22
Cowboys Noted eyesight specialist Blandino.
posted by RCal | 19:23
Eagles We should forfeit next week just to screw with Dallas.
posted by jeagles05 | 19:24
Eagles Hurts is the new Wentz.....turnover machine II
posted by SBCNA | 19:24
Eagles I hope all these refs get hemorrhoids.
posted by Jarvin Driftwood | 19:24
Eagles Lmaooo at everyone who thought Jalen would save the world
posted by DesertEagles | 19:25
Cowboys So should we smash watermelons every week?
posted by Vegas Cowboy | 19:26
Eagles Blaming the refs on this game is lame. Place the blame where it belongs, and that's with Doug.
posted by el aguila | 19:27
Bengals Dalton with a chance at playoffs and that elusive playoff win.
posted by TX Bengal | 19:27
Eagles Smoked by Andy Dalton.
posted by Southparkeagles | 19:29
Dalton isn’t that bad. He’s objectively probably better than Wentz and Hurts.
posted by phuckdallas | 19:29
Cowboys In 3 weeks we've gone from the 4th pick in the draft to a possible playoff team. This is just madness!!!
posted by DC 71 77 92 93 95 | 19:30
Cowboys Winning means more than losing at this point. Motion to disband Team Tank for the 2020 season. All in favor say, “Aye.”
posted by rocketcoe | 19:31
Eagles Djax went straight home after that TD.
posted by DesertEagles | 19:32
He and Wentz went out for dinner.
posted by dannythedisciple | 19:32
He's so injury prone he broke a sweat on that TD.
posted by MustbeaVulcan | 19:32
Cowboys Crap now I’ll have to watch next week.
posted by Mapmaker | 19:32
(2:00) C.Lamb right end for 19 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 37 - Eagles 17
Eagles Another touchdown. We're so pathetic. We're also pathetic for making Dalton look like a star.
posted by TheNationalBird | 19:33
Eagles This team sucks and neither Wentz nor the rookie will solve the issues.
posted by Flyers100% | 19:36
Eagles Please let's just take a knee here.
posted by joey2times | 19:36
Cowboys Outscored Philly 34-3.
posted by DC 71 77 92 93 95 | 19:36
Cowboys TEAM 37-BURGER!!!
posted by Northern Cowboy | 19:36
Cowboys if we're gonna win, might as well embarrass them so they come out pissed next week and beat the WFT.
posted by SoCalCowboy | 19:36
Cowboys I almost feel guilty for being so happy about this win.
posted by Shane Copelin | 19:37
Cowboys The Eagles have 2 QBs who can't play.
posted by DC 71 77 92 93 95 | 19:39
(:45) J.Hurts pass INTERCEPTED by T.Diggs
Eagles Another interception. We can't even score in garbage time.
posted by TheNationalBird | 19:40
Eagles A fitting end.
posted by 17thandShunk | 19:41
Eagles Andy Dalton is clearly the better ginger.
posted by Southparkeagles | 19:42
(:30) A.Dalton kneels. END OF GAME
Cowboys Maybe a TTN.
posted by pulmo | 19:42
I would hope that the standards for a TTN are higher than that...
posted by just-the-facts | 19:45
Higher than what? Beat a division rival, stay alive for the playoffs, and keeping the whiners from crowing. I love it.
posted by 3Dvagabond | 19:50

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