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Week 13 Dallas Cowboys Rooting Guides: It is going to be quite the week for the NFC East

What will you be cheering for this weekend?

Washington Football Team v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

We know for certain that the Dallas Cowboys will not finish above .500, but we still don’t know at what end of the spectrum their 2020 campaign will ultimately fall.

The NFC East is an abyss and it appears as if it is going to stay that way for the duration of this season. We should prepare ourselves for the possibility of the Cowboys netting the group’s only win over the course of the next three weeks which would have them well within contention to win the thing with two weeks left to go. This year is truly something else.

All four NFC East teams are on the road in Week 13 and it is likely that they will all return to their respective homes with the loss column having grown. The Cowboys won’t play this weekend as they are visiting the Baltimore Ravens on Tuesday night, division rivals Washington visit the Pittsburgh Steelers a day before, but there is still a lot of action going on that will impact either their division title odds or potential draft stock.

Here is your Week 13 Dallas Cowboys Rooting Guide whether you are Team Tank or Team Win the NFC East

There are two sectors of Cowboys fans at the moment. One group of people wants to see the team do everything that they can to win the lowly NFC East while other supporters of the club are fine forfeiting what has mostly been a lost season in the name of maximizing future draft capital. To be clear there is no wrong way to be a fan, both mentalities have merit and logic that support them.

Whatever side you fall on there are a number of things that you are going to be paying attention to throughout the Week 13 crop of NFL games. We have assembled rooting guides for both “teams” as they pertain to the Cowboys to make it easier for you to know what is needed for each particular cause.

This week tests the line that may be blurred for some in terms of deciding what they want to root for as rooting for the tank involves hoping that the Philadelphia Eagles win a game. Now that Philly is no longer in first place in the NFC East they have taken their rightful place among the worst teams in the league and looking at their schedule they might not win another game. It is possible that they could leapfrog the Cowboys in the draft order.

We made reference to it earlier, but the Cowboys game against the Cincinnati Bengals next week is the best opportunity that any team within the division has at earning a win over the next three weeks. As important as that could be with regards to who of the four winds up hosting a playoff game it has equally large ramifications on what could be the third through fifth overall picks in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Of the tank-worthy games it is honestly difficult to see any going the Cowboys way. The largest likelihood is probably the Los Angeles Chargers against the New England Patriots, in fact LA is even favored in that contest.

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