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Mike McCarthy press conference: Cowboys expect Lamar Jackson to play, Aldon Smith has been out with illness

Coach McCarthy met with the press today.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy met with the press today to discuss the team’s plans for the Baltimore Ravens game on Tuesday. Here is what he said. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Lamar Jackson playing

Coach though that based on the information they have they anticipate him playing. He noted he is a dynamic player, and you set your game plan and react accordingly as info comes in, that’s the reality of this NFL season.

With Zack Martin out, who are the new tackles?

Coach said they are clearly trying to regulate the news and who will potentially be playing, so his approach is not to talk about that right now.

Anthony Brown return this week?

Coach said he is part of their plan moving forward but medically he doesn’t have a status, and that he is working his way back.

Quarantining a QB?

Coach said they are not taking one specific individual to quarantine at QB, but they have a plan that they are confident in.

Markus Paul memorial

McCarthy said the family did a tremendous job and the service was beautiful, and the team participated virtually. He noted it was a touching service and the story of his life and his family was presented beautifully. He commented he was a strong man of humility and faith.

Getting continuity with Andy Dalton

Coach noted the continuity and cohesiveness when talking about protections, route concepts, or initial declarations in the run game. The more reps make it so that should improve. He also said that Dalton has played against Baltimore and has experience there.

Facing Lamar Jackson

McCarthy stated the obvious that he is a unique player and clearly their biggest threat with his versatility to run and extend plays. He noted that he is complemented by the scheme and the way they run the ball, the way they’re built, their rushing attempts, multiple defense and special teams.

Aldon Smith

Coach said he has an illness and would probably be limited or not there today, it has not been decided yet, they will have to check on his availability.

DeMarcus Lawrence doing more than just sacks

The word impact is a better evaluation is what McCarthy said. He noted that it’s not just Individual production but making players better around him with things like pressures, or collapsing the C-gap in run game to let support make the tackle. He said that all plays to Lawrence’s strengths and he doesn’t want players to play for individual stats.

Tony Pollard pass protection improvement

McCarthy stated that Tony is doing a heck of a job with his opportunities. He noted his abilities to make plays with his opportunities, and that he takes takes pride in his pass protection and it has improved.

Possibility of moving Zack Martin to IR

Coach said those conversations are a moving target and that you get feedback from the training room and nothing set in stone. They will have to see how he progresses in recovery.

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