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Dak Prescott was at Friday’s Cowboys practice and walked briefly without the use of a crutch

It was good to see Prescott back at the Cowboys facility.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

There has been a lot of negativity associated with the 2020 Dallas Cowboys season. In some sense it has felt like the team has been given a new challenge to face each and every week. Of course, the difficulties on the field for the Cowboys have been heightened ever since they lost their quarterback, Dak Prescott, to a season-ending ankle injury. The Thanksgiving Day game marked the team’s sixth without Dak, and considering that he only started five, we have now seen more Cowboys football this season without number four than we have with him. It’s unsettling.

A lot of time has come and gone since Dak was originally hurt on October 11th, it feels like it has been even longer than 55 days, but if you were looking to see a bit of Dak then you are in luck!

Dak Prescott was at Friday’s Dallas Cowboys practice and walked briefly without the use of a crutch

It was reported by the mothership that QB1 was at the team’s Friday practice and a photo of him in sweats with a crutch was seen. Obviously Prescott is rehabbing his way back to full health.

Thankfully, we have more than just photographic evidence to get us through to the next Cowboys game on Tuesday against the Baltimore Ravens. In a video from the mothership you can see Ezekiel Elliott joking with Prescott about how slowly the quarterback is walking. Dak then seems to take the poke in good fun and lifts the crutch to walk without it in an effort to show that he is able to.

It was an encouraging thing to see. Considering that he is putting pressure on his ankle less than two full months out from injury is an incredibly good sign.

There have been a lot of reasons to feel down about the Cowboys lately. This was a good reason to feel happy and optimistic.

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