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The state of the NFC East after the New York Giants win and Philadelphia Eagles lost on Sunday

The NFC East pulled off an upset.

New York Giants v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The NFC East is the gift that keeps on giving in some sense, the problem is that no one seems willing to take it in any way, shape, or form. Until Sunday?!

We entered Week 13 with all four teams facing road contests and intimidating opponents at that. Due to their games being re-scheduled, the Washington Football Team and the Dallas Cowboys won’t play until Monday and Tuesday, respectively, but Sunday did feature half of the league’s most historic division.

In the least surprising news ever the NFC East is winless so far through Week 13... oh wait that was pre-written and the New York Giants shocked the world! Sunday had some wild finishes across the league, and one of them featured the G-Men.

New York Giants (5-8)

The New York Giants went to play the Seattle Seahawks and did so without Daniel Jones. As Cowboys fans we know a thing or two about an NFC East team led by Colt McCoy causing us disappointment, and now so do the famed 12s.

How the Giants have managed to turn things around over the last month or so is extremely impressive. They have now won four games in a row and one of them being of high quality in Seattle.

Washington was looking like a favorite to win this thing, but this Giants win obviously changes the conversation a bit. If the Giants can build up legitimate momentum, they might get themselves some caps and t-shirts in a few weeks time.

Washington Football Team (4-7)

As noted, the Washington Football Team will play late in the afternoon on Monday. While they are coming off of a Thanksgiving Day win against the Cowboys, the long rest is likely not going to be enough against the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers.

For what it’s worth, the Steelers are likely going to be without kicker Chris Boswell for the contest, so things will be just a little bit less rosy after all of the touchdowns that they are surely going to score.

Washington’s upcoming schedule isn’t as intimidating as Philadelphia’s, but they will technically be on a short week before visiting the San Francisco 49ers who play after them on Monday night. They are definitely in the mix right now, but a lot can and likely will change.

Philadelphia Eagles (3-8-1)

The Eagles lost as expected on Sunday, but they might be the team that applies the most randomness to this season’s finish as it looks like the very fabric of who they are has now changed. Philly quarterback Carson Wentz was finally benched in this game and rookie Jalen Hurts showed legitimate signs of promise.

Not to say that the Eagles have a shot at winning the NFC East, but they could now theoretically present a more difficult road block for Washington and even the Cowboys without Wentz under center. Call it a butterfly effect, if you will.

Dallas Cowboys (3-8)

The Cowboys were supposed to play in the first game of Week 13 but will instead finish it off. A short week follows for them as well while their Week 14 opponent in the Cincinnati Bengals is already finished with their latest game, a loss against the Miami Dolphins.

Speaking of the Bengals, they are already down at quarterback as this year’s first overall pick Joe Burrow was lost for the season two weeks ago. Brandon Allen replaced him, but Allen was knocked out of Sunday’s game against Miami.

Should Brandon Allen not play against the Cowboys next Sunday the Bengals will likely trot out second-year quarterback Ryan Finley. The Cowboys have not exactly been great this year, but they should be able to win against Cincinnati.

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