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Michael Irvin offered up an important detail regarding Dak Prescott’s contract negotiations

An interesting angle to consider on the pending Dak deal.

Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott & Campbell’s Chunky Soup Donate 100,000 Bowls Of Soup To Miami Homeless Shelter Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Campbell’s Chunky Soup

Michael Irvin has never been one to hold his opinions back when it comes to America’s Team and he has plenty of outlets to speak his mind these days. Irvin took to the radio airwaves of WEEI last Friday and sent a few Cowboys fans into a tizzy by talking about Dak Prescott and Tom Brady.

Irvin felt that his words were misconstrued by people - we just transcribed what he said - and wanted to clarify. In order to do so, he hopped on with the guys at 105.3 The Fan on Monday morning and said that he believes Dak Prescott makes more sense than Tom Brady in present circumstances.

Michael Irvin raised an interesting point about the Dak Prescott deal

There are a lot of people wondering just what could be holding up a deal between Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys. It seems so easy. Just give him a ton of money. Pay him the market rate. There are all sorts of solutions thrown out.

Obviously dealing with tens of millions of dollars isn’t exactly easy. Many have - including Irvin on Monday morning - noted the non-contractual value that is associated with playing for the Dallas Cowboys, a benefit that Dak Prescott certainly has. Whether that will truly play a factor in his contract negotiations remains to be seen, but what are relevant factors?

Dak Prescott is represented by CAA and this contract is just as important for them as it is for him. If they were to hypothetically allow him to take a lower-than-desired deal it wouldn’t be as positive of a situation for them. Irvin explained on 105.3 The Fan.

“I don’t think it’s business for Jerry as much as it’s business for CAA. Jerry wants to get a deal done and Jerry will, and he’s talked about this, make Dak one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL. But CAA, they have a brand to protect also. And I don’t think people consider them in the evaluation as much as they should. CAA has a brand to protect and they want to hear that, they know this contract is going to be talked about, it’s lingered on this long, everybody’s watching, and they want to make sure that they get a great deal because it makes them look good. Let’s be real. It helps them look good that they got Dak Prescott this great deal and it helps with all other young quarterbacks that may be coming out. And I know Jerry’s probably trying to keep it, you know, not in the $40M range, but the best help for CAA in that situation is Pat Mahomes. He goes and get a deal, now that helps Dak out, and that moves the number even more probably where Jerry doesn’t want it to go.”

This is a business for everyone involved, and that includes more than just Dak and the Cowboys. CAA needs to make sure that they maintain their status and what better way to proudly proclaim that they negotiated - hypothetically - the biggest quarterback contract in NFL history? For a former fourth-round pick! The story is beautiful.

Hopefully the Cowboys, Prescott, and CAA can all reach a resolution soon as we are only beginning the second week of the full offseason and the takes are already reaching new heights.

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