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Opening odds to win NFL MVP in 2020 have Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott near the top

The Cowboys offensive stars are given respect.

Miami Dolphins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

With the feet of the collective NFL world firmly planted in the offseason people are starting to look squarely towards the 2020 season. It’s the Kansas City Chiefs’ world and we’re all living in it, and there’s no question that Pat Mahomes is the face of it all. KC and Mahomes are the team and person to catch, and the Dallas Cowboys are going to do everything that they can to accomplish that.

Oddsmakers are already hard at work trying to outline next season and our friends at BetOnline have listed who they believe has the best chance to win the league’s MVP just under a year from now.

Patrick Mahomes 6/1

Lamar Jackson 13/2

Russell Wilson 9/1

Deshaun Watson 12/1

Carson Wentz 18/1

Dak Prescott 18/1

Kyler Murray 20/1

Aaron Rodgers 22/1

Drew Brees 22/1

Christian McCaffrey 25/1

Ezekiel Elliott 28/1

Tom Brady 28/1

Baker Mayfield 33/1

Matt Ryan 33/1

Ben Roethlisberger 40/1

Jimmy Garoppolo 40/1

Kirk Cousins 40/1

Philip Rivers 40/1

Cam Newton 50/1

Derrick Henry 50/1

Jared Goff 50/1

Josh Allen (QB) 50/1

Matthew Stafford 50/1

Dalvin Cook 66/1

Daniel Jones 66/1

Jameis Winston 66/1

Joe Burrow 66/1

Michael Thomas 66/1

Nick Chubb 66/1

Tua Tagovailoa 66/1

Ryan Tannehill 80/1

Aaron Donald 100/1

Alvin Kamara 100/1

Drew Lock 100/1

Dwayne Haskins 100/1

Gardner Minshew 100/1

J.J. Watt 100/1

Jacoby Brissett 100/1

Julio Jones 100/1

Justin Herbert 100/1

Mitch Trubisky 100/1

Nick Bosa 100/1

Odell Beckham Jr. 100/1

Ryan Fitzpatrick 100/1

Sam Darnold 100/1

Saquon Barkley 100/1

T.J. Watt 100/1

Todd Gurley 100/1

As you can see both Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott find themselves near the top of the list, in fact there is only one other non-quarterback (Christian McCaffrey) listed ahead of Zeke.

Dak Prescott does not currently have a contract so the assumption here is obviously that he returns to the Cowboys. It would be utterly shocking to see him play anywhere else.

The odds on that are probably pretty long.

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