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Cowboys News: Cowboys trying to get more years on Dak Prescott deal

Plus, can Mike McCarthy help bring Randall Cobb back to Dallas?

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Cowboys free agency 2020: Dallas aims for more years on Dak Prescott deal; prepared to tag Amari Cooper - Patrik Walker, CBS Sports

Dak Prescott still doesn’t have a new deal in place but it sounds like the Cowboys might be getting closer to accomplishing one. Yet the main roadblock won’t center so much on how much Prescott makes, but on how long the deal is.

With Mike McCarthy now secured and looking to install West Coast tweaks to Kellen Moore’s offensive scheme and language, it’s paramount the Cowboys convince Prescott to be available from Day One to prevent any hiccups in the consumption. And while everyone outside the building is laser-focused on just how much the 26-year-old will be paid, that’s not the only sticking point in these negotiations.

A separate source tells CBS Sports the team approached Prescott in 2019 with a deal that could span six years or more — hoping to marry it with the six-year extension awarded last summer to All-Pro running back Ezekiel Elliott — but Prescott wasn’t so keen on signing it.

To do so means he would lessen the chances of being able to negotiate another big-money deal down the road under the terms of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement and, as such, he’d want financial concessions made by the Cowboys right now if he were to relinquish his ability to renegotiate later.

Those concessions would likely include more guaranteed money up front and an uptick in the average annual salary (AAS), considering the latter would be lessened by a longer contractual term. Prescott wants something closer to the traditional 4-5 year range, but the Cowboys are having nightmares about revisiting these talks in 2023, and with Prescott potentially having an NFC Championship or Super Bowl appearance (win?) on his resume.

After paying more for Ezekiel Elliott than the Cowboys envisioned, can they handle Dak Prescott’s deal any differently? - David Moore, Dallas Morning News

Less than a year ago, the Cowboys were in a similar contract situation with Ezekiel Elliott and they ended up paying him a boat load of money. Now, the Cowboys are doing the dance with their franchise quarterback, and can’t afford to not pay another boat load.

The quarterback and his representatives saw how the negotiations with Elliott unfolded. The back’s power was tied to missing games in the first month of the season, an absence that could negatively impact the Cowboys’ record and playoff chances.

Prescott’s leverage comes a few months earlier in the calendar year than his good friend. The Cowboys have a new head coach in Mike McCarthy. The offense will look different. The playbook will change. The quarterback’s presence is essential during this offseason of transition.

Here’s another key distinction. Elliott was still under contract when he refused to report to training camp and the club had the option to add another season. The Cowboys chose to ignore his contractual obligations and negotiate in good faith.

Prescott’s contract has expired. If a deal isn’t in place by March 10 the club must apply the franchise tag to prevent him from hitting the open market. The two sides then have until July 15 to reach a multiyear extension or Prescott will play the 2020 season under the tag.

Michael Irvin thinks it would be a mistake to replace Dak Prescott - Darin Gantt, NBC Sports

Michael Irvin made headlines last week for suggesting, and then walking back, the notion that the Cowboys might trade away Dak Prescott to go after Tom Brady. On Tuesday, Irvin clarified further that he’s a Dak believer.

Regardless his intention, it did create content for days (along with the impression that Irvin was just jabbering), and now Irvin wants it known that he doesn’t think the Cowboys should do it.

“I said what somebody said. That should no way be taken as those are my thoughts on what should happen,” Irvin said. “Ain’t no way in world that should happen. That would be insane. Are you kidding me? Are you out of your mind? It’s over for Tom.”

Of course, that’s a hot take of its own. Brady’s turning 43 this year, but there’s nothing to suggest he can’t lead a team to the playoffs because he just did (without much in the way of receiving help around him).

How Mike McCarthy could lead Randall Cobb back to the Cowboys - Doug Farrar, TouchdownWire

After spending his whole career with the Packers, Randall Cobb joined the Cowboys last offseason and had a bit of a career resurgence. His contract is expiring now, but Cobb could reunite with his longtime coach who’s now in Dallas.

However, he did admit that as he becomes able to review the suitors for his talent, the presence of McCarthy — who was Green Bay’s head coach when Cobb was taken in the second round of the 2011 draft out of Kentucky — might be a significant factor in his decision-making process.

“I love Coach McCarthy. He was the first one who gave me a chance in the NFL. I remember him when I was at the combine, meeting with him in the room for the first time. He gave me a chance to end up having a great career in Green Bay. It was unfortunate what happened to him up there, but he’s got a second chance, and hopefully, he can end up like Andy Reid: Go to a new team, and find a way to make something happen.

“When it comes to free agency, you never know how it’s going to play out. But it could. You factor in all the different pros and cons to whoever’s offering and who wants you, and you find out where you’re valued, and how much you’re valued.”

Mailbag: Cobb and McCarthy Meant to be? - Nick Eatman and Lindsay Cash Draper,

Randall Cobb had a quietly good season in Dallas and posted some of the better numbers he’s had in a while. With Mike McCarthy arriving in Dallas, there’s speculation it may convince him to re-up with the Cowboys for another year.

Nick:I often compared him to the entire Cowboys season last year. Some moments were really good. But other times you’re wishing he could’ve done more and made a better play. Cobb wasn’t perfect, but still a solid player. Maybe his connection with McCarthy will add more value but I still think the Cowboys need to keep looking for a younger slot receiver.

Lindsay: Randall Cobb got the bad end of so many penalties in 2019; I can’t remember how many times I saw him make a fantastic play, and have to make the long jog back to the line of scrimmage. Age is definitely a factor, and Cobb will turn 30 during training camp this season. Maybe familiarity makes a play here, and McCarthy can find ways to capitalize on Cobb’s best.

Dallas Cowboys: 4 safeties to target in the 2020 NFL Draft - Anthony Penna Jr., The Landry Hat

The Cowboys are yet again facing an offseason where they need to upgrade their safety position, and with a new coaching staff in place, they might have more emphasis on the position when it comes to the draft. There are four names that could be big targets for Dallas.

Ashtyn Davis is a name that hasn’t been talked about as much but I bet as we get closer to the NFL draft he slowly creeps up a lot of team draft boards. In 2019, he had 57 tackles (1 for loss), two interceptions, four passes defended, and two forced fumbles.

At 6-foot-1 195 lbs. the former track standout has been a pivotal piece to the University of California defense. If you want a safety with elite range, then look no further. Davis has great footwork and plays the game at a fast level, he doesn’t overthink, just simply reacts.

Davis would be exceptional in a one high look covering a deep third of the field and he may be the best in the draft for that particular assignment. He has elite sideline to sideline range that most safeties do not possess.

Davis has outstanding ball skills and can stay over top of just about any route. There are zero concerns regarding him as a tough, physical player. But he does need to improve on his tackling, he can become a liability as a box defender and in the run game as a whole.

Three-round 2020 NFL Mock Draft: Cowboys land tight end, Patriots add play-makers, three QBs taken on Day 2 - RJ White, CBS Sports

Speaking of the draft, RJ White of CBS Sports recently put out a new three-round mock draft that sees the Cowboys replacing one defensive star while trying to accumulate more offensive weapons for Dak Prescott.

The Cowboys may not be able to re-sign all their star players, and if Byron Jones leaves as expected, the team should make finding a corner early in the draft a key priority. Diggs functions best in zone coverages but also has the physicality to give receivers trouble.

Kmet has the body to play on the line, but he’s still mostly a receiver at this point. Still, with the hosses the Cowboys have up front they should feel comfortable using Kmet in the passing game while he develops his blocking skills.

If Amari Cooper is retained, the Cowboys will have a pair of excellent receivers on the outside. Edwards can come in and create mismatches in the slot, with the size to work outside if needed.

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