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How would you feel if the Dallas Cowboys were proven to have cheated during a Super Bowl-winning run?

The Astros controversy invades all sports.

Houston Astros Media Availability Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The sports world has had its collective eye fixed upon the Houston Astros as of late, an interesting phenomenon to have happen in the months of January and February.

As you are likely aware, the Houston Astros were proven to have stolen signs en route to winning the World Series in 2017. That was a particularly rough sports year for hardcore DFW fans as the Astros won that title and a few months later the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl.

If you are anti-Astros then you have likely been bathing in the drama of the last few weeks as the Astros were punished by the MLB for their actions, an aftermath that included firings and apologies that either were deemed too harsh or not enough by the opinions of many. Depending on who you ask, the Astros did either what all other baseball teams do and just did it better or they broke rules, won a championship, and now that title is tainted.

How would you feel if it was proven that the Cowboys cheated while winning a Super Bowl?

It’s hard to draw an apples to apples comparison when it comes to stealing signs in baseball to football (although the New England Patriots certainly tried), but how would you feel if it was proven that the Cowboys cheated during a season in which they won the Super Bowl? Not great, I’d imagine.

That 2017 title for Houston was interesting in the realm of all of this as it was the first one in the Astros’ franchise history. The euphoria of winning it all is unlike anything else in the world, it’s hard to imagine that being somewhat taken away in the minds of many not even three full years later.

While that is seemingly the most negative lens to look at this through, there is a school of thought that “banners fly forever.” There are many people who have looked at what the Astros are dealing with, and likely will be dealing with for some time, and thought that it was worth it (from the perspective of a fan). It’s not like the hardcore Astros supporters are going to return their memorabilia that celebrates their team winning a title, right?

Still though, it would be bothersome no doubt. What’s more than just feeling unsettled about the way the title was won is that for the Astros the fallout is perhaps just beginning. They will be booed and called cheaters at every ballpark they visit for the foreseeable future, would you be willing to pay that price to see the Dallas Cowboys win a title for the first time in almost a quarter century?


How would you feel if the Dallas Cowboys were proven to have cheated during a Super Bowl run?

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  • 28%
    It’s been a quarter century, I’d take anything
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  • 71%
    I wouldn’t want it
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