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Emmitt Smith says Dak Prescott should take team friendly deal and make up the rest in endorsements

Of course, it’s not Emmitt Smith’s contract we’re talking about, it’s Dak Prescott’s.

9th Annual NFL Honors - Arrivals Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

The 1993 Dallas Cowboys were the first team to start a season 0-2 and win the Super Bowl. You probably knew that. Much of the reason that the ‘93 team lost their first two games had to do with the fact that arguably their best player, Emmitt Smith, held out to start the season in his quest to earn a new contract with the team. Smith eventually got paid, the Cowboys won, and everything was good again.

It’s been 27 years since that fateful season (time sure does fly) and a lot has changed in the NFL. The type of money that players get paid now would make what people thought were big dollars in 1993 look tiny; the salary cap has obviously risen multiple times over.

Emmitt Smith thinks that Dak Prescott should take a team-friendly deal with the Cowboys

Despite the fact that he did not do so himself, the NFL’s All-Time leading rusher now believes that the Cowboys current quarterback should do what he did not - take a team-friendly deal.

Smith can be heard on the latest episode of The Lefkoe Show and said that Dak could make up whatever he gives up to be selfless through endorsements.

“Dak has to understand and maybe take another perspective. The perspective may not be all the money that you get. It may be how much of the money you willing to leave on the table. Because the Cowboys is a marketable organization. So if you are the face of the franchise would it not, instead of taking 35, would you take 28? And leave some for Amari and pick up the other 35 through endorsements?”

Stephen Jones has said himself that it is in no way the fault of Cowboys players that they have performed to the point that they are deserving of such potentially rich deals. It should not be Dak Prescott’s (or anyone else in that situation) responsibility to fit all of the players that the team wants under the salary cap. That is literally the job of the front office.

Obviously Emmitt Smith is an ambassador for the Cowboys and one of the greatest players in team history. As you are awar,e he speaks often regarding big issues concerning the Cowboys. Consider what he said just before last season began, right after Ezekiel Elliott got his long-term contract extension with the Cowboys that was at the top of his position group.

“If he doesn’t do it now when the league it talking about devaluing the running back position and he’s proven he can carry the ball 350 plus times on a consistent basis, there aren’t many backs in the National Football League that can do that,” Smith said. “We have one on our team and there’s another one up in New York (Saquon Barkley) and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone else. When you have those caliber of backs on your squad, they’re unique individuals … He deserves to be paid like that.”

There is a big difference in hoisting up Ezekiel Elliott for getting a gigantic contract as opposed to saying that Dak Prescott should take a team-friendly deal, things that Smith said not even a year apart. Obviously Elliott plays the position that Smith did so he is a little biased towards it, but still the difference in his own opinion is interesting.

What’s more is that Dak Prescott has already been on a team-friendly deal as he was a fourth-round pick. If anyone deserves, not that this should even be a factor, to make up for or justify anything of the sorts it is unquestionably Dak Prescott.

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