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Former NFL agent’s target price for Dak Prescott’s contract includes well over $100M in guarantees

NFL QBs, at least quality ones, don’t come cheap.

Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Cowboys fans continues to wait on progress towards a long-term contract extension between Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys. When millions and millions of dollars are on the line, these things can take some time.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith offered up his take on the subject recently, he is of the opinion that Prescott should take less to stay with the Cowboys and make up the difference in endorsements. That’s definitely one school of thought.

Whenever Dak does get his extension it is likely going to be for an amount that is quite high. Just how high is the question.

One former NFL agent set a target price for Dak to eclipse $100M in guarantees

Joel Corry is a former agent that does a lot of work in the salary cap space these days. He has his finger on the pulse of contractual numbers and can generally foreshadow what types of deals are coming.

Corry put on his thinking cap and churned out a target price for Dak Prescott’s potential deal with the Cowboys. If you were wondering, yes, Corry does have Dak returning to Dallas, and with quite the sizable deal.

Contract Package: $150 Million/4 Years ($37.5 Million Per Year)

Overall Guarantees: $120 Million

Prescott becoming the NFL’s highest paid player wouldn’t be surprising. Being in the best quarterback discussion isn’t a prerequisite for becoming the highest paid player. Since 2017, Derek Carr (Raiders), Matthew Stafford (Lions), Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers) and Kirk Cousins (Vikings) became the highest paid player when signing their respective contracts.

Entering this offseason, Seattle’s Russell Wilson leads the way among quarterbacks as far as annual average value is concerned with a figure of $35M. The highest guarantee belongs to a quarterback drafted in the same class as Dak, Jared Goff of the Los Angeles Rams, who went number one overall in 2016 and received $110M guaranteed. These numbers from Joel Corry put Dak past both of them in the respective categories.

What’s more is that this deal is only a four-year contract which would make Dak eligible for another huge contract while he is still theoretically in his prime in his early 30s. Who knows what the salary cap is going to be in 2024, but by then quarterbacks will probably be given part ownership of teams at the rate things are going.

It’s important to note that Houston’s Deshaun Watson and more importantly Kansas City’s Pat Mahomes are both eligible for contract extensions this offseason and if they are to strike a deal before Dak Prescott does, then it’s possible that this number - if it already makes you queasy - could rise.

What do you make of this potential deal?

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