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Listen to every Cowboys-related podcast that Blogging The Boys recorded at the Super Bowl right here

We’ve collected it all in one convenient place.

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-City Views Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The week leading up to Super Bowl LIV was a fun one as SB Nation had a presence on Radio Row in order to conduct interviews with all the people that flocked to Miami to get a taste of the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

Yours truly was fortunate enough to be part of the contingent and we had all sorts of interviews throughout the week. We talked to a lot of football players, football analysts, and even some people that had nothing to do with football that were incredibly interesting.

While the focus was obviously on the Chiefs and 49ers for most people, you know that we had to keep an eye out for Cowboys news. We recorded several podcasts where America’s Team served as the central theme and I’d highly recommend them all. You can listen to these particular episodes right here.

Jay Glazer, FOX

Jay Glazer stopped by and he had some fascinating things to say considering he was the person who finally broke the news that Jason Garrett was dismissed from the Cowboys and that they were going to hire Mike McCarthy to replace him.

Glazer gave us some more information on McCarthy’s story and even added what he thought Jason Witten needed to do with his future.

Cynthia Frelund, NFL Network

We discussed a bit more than the Cowboys with Frelund, but she offered some more information on how she has established a grading system for offensive linemen which I found fascinating given how good the Cowboys offensive line is.

She also noted that she’s trying to apply similar principles to the safety position.

Bob Sturm, The Ticket/The Athletic

The Sturminator stopped by in order to discuss the Dallas Cowboys like only he can. We touched on narratives surrounding the current team and the recently-popularized idea that Dez Bryant should return to the team.

This was a ton of fun.

Emmitt Smith

The NFL’s All-Time Leading Rusher also stopped by to chat while in Miami. We discussed Jimmy Johnson going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and how happy Smith is for him.

Smith also noted what he believes the current Cowboys have to do in order to experience the type of success that the team did in his day.

Will Cain, ESPN

The Will Cain Show’s Will Cain dropped by to discuss something that he loves talking about... the Dallas Cowboys. We got into the McCarthy hire on a deeper level and Will noted that while it took him some time he has come around on it.

He also had an interesting answer on what he wants to see most from the team this offseason.

Jori Epstein, USA Today

The Cowboys beat is a fun one and there are few that know it better than Epstein. We went all over the place with the Cowboys and discussed everything under the sun of the Mike McCarthy era.

We also touched on Will McClay’s Byron Jones comments and a day in recent Cowboys history that you might not have realized had a gigantic impact on the overall group.

Xavier Woods

Dallas Cowboys safety Xavier Woods is a man of few words during the season but we managed to get him to open up a bit while in Miami. Woods talked about the Jason Garrett era ending, the Mike McCarthy one beginning, and how close the team’s defensive backs are overall.

He also discussed his goals for 2020, what being in a contract year is like, and a bit of reality television.

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