Sign up for the 2020 Blogging the Boys Community Mock Draft

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the 2020 Blogging The Boys Community Mock Draft. The purpose of this draft will be to not only predict the picks in the actual draft, but also get to know the players that could be drafted to the Cowboys or any other team.

The format will be two rounds with members of the community making the picks. The reason for the two rounds is because I want all 32 teams to make at least one selection. This means that I am looking for 31 people to make the selections. SoCalCowboy has the Cowboys picks at 17 and 51 by virtue of winning the Official BTB Fantasy Football league. We start on February 13 with the Cincinnati Bengals. With the pick, the fanpost that includes the pick will include information on the player from the appropriate SBNation site, coverage from one of our FPW's at BTW if possible, and from another site.

Use the comments below to sign up and be sure to leave your email address. But please substitute the @ for at with spaces. For example Charlie Brown's email address would be Charles_Brown13 at This is only for your protection as I will contact you when it is time to pick. The email will contain an up to date list of picks. Reply with the next selection and why you chose that selection for that team. Here is the list of teams and their picks. Additional rules simply include no trades. Also, I will only use your email for the purposes of making picks. If you do have your email in your profile, let me know and I will copy that email. After the last pick, I will delete your email.

Arizona Cardinals: Picks 8 & 40
Atlanta Falcons: Picks 16, 47 & 55
Baltimore Ravens: Picks 28 & 57
Buffalo Bills: Picks 22 & 54
Carolina Panthers: Picks 7 & 38
Chicago Bears: Picks 43 & 50
Cincinnati Bengals: Picks 1 & 33
Cleveland Browns: Picks 10 & 41
Dallas Cowboys: Picks 17 & 51 (SoCalCowboy)
Denver Broncos: Picks 15 & 46
Detroit Lions: Picks 3 & 35
Green Bay Packers: Picks 30 & 62
Houston Texans: Pick 58
Indianapolis Colts: Picks 13, 34 & 44
Jacksonville Jaguars: Picks 9, 20 & 42
Kansas City Chiefs: Picks 32 & 64
Las Vegas Raiders: Picks 12 & 19
Los Angeles Chargers: Picks 6 & 37
Los Angeles Rams: Pick 52
Miami Dolphins: Picks 5, 18, 26, 39 & 56
Minnesota Vikings: Picks 25 & 59
New England Patriots: Pick 23
New Orleans Saints: Pick 24
New York Giants: Picks 4 & 36
New York Jets: Picks 11 & 48
Philadelphia Eagles: Picks 21 & 53
Pittsburgh Steelers: Pick 49
San Francisco 49ers: Picks 31 & 63
Seattle Seahawks: Picks 27 & 60
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Picks 14 & 45
Tennessee Titans: Picks 29 & 61
Washington Redskins: Pick 2

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.