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The first XFL kickoff return for a touchdown showcases a format that may be worth trying

Could the NFL make this change to provide safety for the players, but also keep the excitement?

New York Guardians v St. Louis BattleHawks Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/XFL via Getty Images

Maybe you have dabbled in a little bit of XFL action since the league launched its reincarnated version a few weeks ago. There are a few things that they are doing that separate it from the National Football League. They are definitely pushing the boundaries in some ways with things like sideline interviews during the game or halftime ones inside of the locker room, but they are also trying to experiment with legitimate rule changes to the game.

One of the things that some like about the XFL is the league’s option to go for one, two, and even three after scoring a touchdown. While that is fun, the most probable thing that the NFL could adopt is the kickoff system.

The XFL’s first kickoff touchdown was very exciting

It feels like every year the NFL is doing what it can to make kickoffs safer for their players. There is no doubt that kickoffs are very dangerous and the XFL has seemingly found a way to neutralize that element while still allowing the option for big plays.

In the XFL’s format the receiving team has all but the returner line up on their own 30-yard line. The team kicking off has all but the kicker line up on the 35. It gives the returner enough room to have a running start (kind of like the old arena leagues) while establishing what is effectively a line of scrimmage on a normal play.

On Sunday, the XFL saw a return go all the way for a touchdown for the very first time. Take a look for yourself.

The Dallas Cowboys had one of the worst special teams groups in the NFL last season so any change should certainly be welcome by them. As they now have one of the league’s more innovative special teams coordinators it’s possible that they could find the most creative way to take advantage of this. That’s John Fassel’s specialty.

What do you make of the XFL’s kickoff? Do you want to see it in the NFL and setting up Tony Pollard for plenty of returns that go for scores?

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