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Report: Cowboys haven’t met/negotiated with Dak Prescott’s team since September, new CBA rules necessary

The latest updates on the Dak Prescott contract situation.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

A lot has happened to the Dallas Cowboys since September of 2019. Consider that they, no big deal here, played an entire season since then. The Cowboys went 8-8 last season, missed the playoffs, had some frustrating moments, and as a result of it all decided not to bring back Jason Garrett as their head coach. As a result they hired a new one, Mike McCarthy.

That is six months worth of activity condensed into a single paragraph but as you are aware there was a lot more that went into it. You know what hasn’t happened in that whole stretch of time for the Cowboys, though? Contract discussions with Dak Prescott, apparently.

The Cowboys have reportedly not met or negotiated with Dak Prescott’s agent since September

It is the week of the NFL Combine which means that the NFL’s most prominent movers and shakers are all in one area. This obviously includes the Dallas Cowboys and Stephen Jones, and on Monday the team’s EVP met with reporters.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys have not met or negotiated with Dak Prescott’s agency... since September.

There was discussion when the Cowboys did not get a deal done with Prescott before the season began that they would potentially push things down to the offseason, but we’ve been in the offseason for some time now.

Consider that the Cowboys saw their season end on December 29th, 2019. They have had since then - almost two full months - and have not even met with Dak Prescott’s agent? How can that be possible?

When questions like this arise, people tend to try and answer them themselves. Some have wondered whether the Cowboys are in fact committed to Dak Prescott and Stephen Jones reinforced the idea that, contract negotiations aside, they absolutely are.

The DMN also reported that Stephen Jones said a long-term extension with Dak or Amari Cooper will not happen until CBA rules for the 2020 league year are decided. This sounds like the explanation for all of this.

A new CBA could change the structure of an extension for any player. It makes sense for Prescott and/or Cooper’s people to want to see what their clients may be entitled to, just like it makes sense for the Cowboys to understand the environment they’re operating in.

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