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Andy Reid thinks that Mike McCarthy could be even better with the Cowboys than he was in Green Bay

High praise from the Super Bowl Champion.

Green Bay Packers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It hasn’t even been a month since Super Bowl LIV but the World Champion Kansas City Chiefs are already hard at work on repeating their most recent conquest. Many football fans were thrilled to see the Chiefs win as they have one of the best quarterbacks in the game, the very likable Pat Mahomes, and a head coach that had knocked on the door for so long before tasting Super Bowl confetti glory. Andy Reid is at long last a champion.

Andy Reid has been in NFL coaching circles for a long time which means he knows others that have been as well. One of these people is new Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy, and Reid is apparently quite the fan.

Andy Reid believes Mike McCarthy could be better in Dallas than he was with the Packers

It’s so difficult to project how Mike McCarthy is going to fare as the Dallas Cowboys head coach considering he took a year off to study the game and league. There is a lot of hope, but the results on the field will ultimately be how it is all measured.

Andy Reid spoke highly of McCarthy when asked about him during the week leading up to the Super Bowl in Miami. With Reid now having won the game of all games his perspective on McCarthy is unchanged. In fact, it might be even more positive. He said on Tuesday that he believes Mike McCarthy could be even better with the Cowboys than he was with the Packers.

“He’s good for the National Football League. Some of these guys that we’re talking about here are good for the National Football League. They’re good football coaches and they handle themselves the right way. I have a ton of respect for Mike. I think when he was out of football he kind of re-charged by going back and looking at all of the things he could do or do better and analyzing himself and the game, where he wanted to go to once he became the Cowboys coach or whoever was going to hire him. I think you’re going to get even a better coach than he was before and that was a championship-caliber coach.”

Obviously Andy Reid isn’t going to publicly speak negatively about anyone so this should be taken within that context, but this is still legitimate praise from the reigning Super Bowl-winning head coach.

A lot of coaches are likely going to be paying attention to how successful Mike McCarthy is, or isn’t, with the Cowboys this season in order to see if a year away can truly serve a coach who is looking to get back in the game. Let’s hope for all of them and all of us that McCarthy proves the path to be prosperous.

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