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Report: Cowboys met with Amari Cooper’s representation on Thursday, Byron Jones meeting Friday

Conversations are being had.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

We are officially in the middle of the NFL Combine and the Cowboys are starting to work on their pending free agents. There’s the contractual status of Dak Prescott considering, you know, he doesn’t have one for next season. Dak is technically set to be a free agent in just a few short weeks but there is no way that the Cowboys let that happen.

Unfortunately, Dak is just one of three big-time free agents that the Cowboys have to work out extensions with, assuming they want and are able to get them all done. Amari Cooper and Byron Jones have both also fulfilled their rookie deals and are ready to sign the highly-coveted second contract.

The Cowboys met with Amari Cooper’s people on Thursday and will meet with Byron Jones’ on Friday

One thing that the NFL Combine is good for is conversations. With the entire NFL world in one place there are often discussions that take place that have huge impacts for various clubs.

There are more than just teams in Indianapolis, though. Agents, representation, and anyone with any sort of significance finds their way to the Combine in order to get this or that done. It seems that some of this or that is trying to be done as the Cowboys reportedly met with Amari Cooper’s representation on Thursday night and are set to meet with Byron Jones’ on Friday.

This is, in a literal sense, good news. Dallas met with Dak Prescott’s representation earlier this week, their first formal conversations regarding an extension since September, so the team is clearly doing their due diligence as free agency approaches. It is unknown what the Cowboys are planning to do precisely, but the writing seems to be on the wall at the very least that Byron Jones could be playing elsewhere in 2020.

Prescott and Cooper are different cases as the Cowboys seem more focused on keeping them next season. Whether they are able to or not depends starts with the conversations that they had this week, hopefully they went well.

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