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Sean Lee seems to be considering all options with free agency looming

What do you want to see The General do?

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

There are plenty of big Dallas Cowboys storylines to choose from this offseason. There’s a flavor for everyone. You’ve got Dak Prescott needing a new deal, Amari Cooper needing one as well, oh and did you know that Byron Jones needs one on top of that? That’s just the top level, by the way. Role players like Randall Cobb, Robert Quinn, on and on and on are all in need of new contracts.

The Cowboys front office will have to juggle this while having a new head coach plus a first-round pick to use for the first time in two years. Needless to say there isn’t anybody bored at The Star in Frisco.

What about Sean Lee, though?

Among the list of things to take care of is Cowboys veteran Sean Lee. The General returned last season despite knowing he would primarily be a backup to Leighton Vander Esch. Injuries to LVE forced him to play and there were times that he shined.

Sean Lee is a free agent to be and, like Jason Witten on the other side of the ball, he needs to figure out if he even wants to play football in 2020. If he does it’s possible that he would do so with the Cowboys but the possibility also exists that he could play elsewhere.

It’s hard to know what Lee is thinking right now. He recently said that he needs to do some thinking.

“I’m still deciding,’’ Lee tells in an exclusive visit. “I’m waiting to kind of explore what some of my options are.’’

Including retiring to go into coaching?

”I have not explored that yet,’’ Lee said. “I’m focusing on playing as of now.’’

For what it’s worth, Lee added that he loves it in Dallas. He’s spent 10 years for the organization so that certainly makes sense.

But his career is winding down and he is a free agent - as odd as it would be even for him to don another uniform - so “options’’ are in play.

”I love it in Dallas and I love the Cowboys,’’ Lee tells “I hope it works out, for sure.’’

Lee and Witten are regarded a bit differently by the fan base and it sort of feels like the former’s return would be more welcomed than the latter’s. That remains to be seen, but until there are some resolutions there are going to be a lot of people speculating.

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