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Michael Irvin had a very interesting answer about the Cowboys, Dak Prescott, and Tom Brady

The Playmaker with some words that’ll make you think.

Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

It’s the offseason which means that a lot of people are reaching for stories on a variety of subjects. As the Dallas Cowboys are the Cowboys, they’re often connected to wild speculations. Considering America’s Team is entering an offseason where Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper, and Byron Jones are all set to be free agents there is no shortage of narrative.

Obviously Dak is a narrative driver given that he is the quarterback of the Cowboys. With him needing a new deal there are people all over the world looking for slants on the subject, and with so many other notable signal-callers set to be available people are connecting plenty of different dots.

The idea of Tom Brady as the Cowboys quarterback doesn’t make any sense

As far-fetched as it sounds, there are people who are trying to make sense out of Tom Brady joining the Dallas Cowboys. There is very little there.

Brady is among the greatest of all time, so it’s not like we’re trying to dismiss the idea as one that would make the Cowboys worse or anything. Not to say that Dak is better than Brady, nobody is saying that, but committing to him long term makes far more sense for the Cowboys at this point than risking even Tom Brady.

Michael Irvin has always been opinionated when it comes to all things Cowboys and naturally he was asked about this subject when he made an appearance on WEEI on Friday. His answer didn’t exactly throw cold water on the subject.

Question: Help me through this part right here. I’m watching ESPN this morning and they’re talking about, the subject matter is, should the Cowboys trade Dak Prescott, franchise him and trade him, and sign Tom Brady for a couple of years? That’s not helping me through this.

Michael Irvin: Well I can tell you something on that. I’m just telling you right now. That Super Bowl in Miami… some very significant people and I had some conversations leaning in that same direction and it was shocking. I mean I had a vodka cranberry in my hand and when they said it to me I put the drink down and I said “Let’s talk a little bit more about this right here.” Because I really, I promise you, I had a conversation with people, I can’t tell you who, about that same scenario going down and I was… I just don’t know if that’s a real possibility of it happening.

It’s possible that Irvin is actually doing some lip service for the Cowboys and trying to drive up this narrative (to a small degree) so that Dak’s camp can feel like the team has other options. Of course. it’s possible that Irvin is being totally truthful. With these type of things you just never know.

For what it’s worth, some oddsmakers are listing Brady to the Cowboys among the more likely scenarios if he does end up with a team that isn’t the New England Patriots. It doesn’t seem to make any sense, but that isn’t going to stop people from trying to make it so. There’s also this from NFL Network’s Jane Slater on the subject.

Welcome to the offseason.

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