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2020 NFL Draft: Here is the full list of all seven Dallas Cowboys selections

The NFL draft, where the big kids shop.

NFL Draft Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

On Tuesday, the Dallas Cowboys received a fifth-round compensatory pick thanks to Cole Beasley joining the Buffalo Bills in free agency a year ago. Extra picks are always nice.

Prior to that news, the Cowboys were operating with only six picks in the 2020 NFL Draft and are now up to seven (math is fun). They have two picks in the fifth round thanks to the comp selection, but they do not have a sixth-round pick thanks to trading it away for Robert Quinn last offseason (a pick well spent).

With the compensatory pick the Cowboys now have, barring any trades between now and the draft’s beginning, their seven established pick are as follows.

2020 Dallas Cowboys Draft Picks

  • 1 (17): 17th overall
  • 2 (19): 51st overall
  • 3 (18): 82nd overall
  • 4 (17): 123rd overall
  • 5 (19): 164th overall
  • 5 (34): 179th overall
  • 7 (17): 231st overall

The Cowboys did not have a first-round pick last year thanks to trading it away the season prior for Amari Cooper, another pick with a nice return on investment. This is the second year in a row that they will have two fifth-round selections, hopefully they make the most of them all.

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