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NFL announces 2020 salary cap figure, just south of $200M for all teams

We’re finally getting a little more clarity on the salary cap with the CBA being approved.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The NFL had been in a bit of a standstill with the future of the Collective Bargaining Agreement hanging in the balance with the votes of the players, but on Sunday morning all of that was put to an end when the players voted in approval. There is labor peace through 2030.

There have been a lot of dominoes waiting to fall in different directions based on the path that the league was ultimately going to take as a result of all things CBA. With things now set, the chain reaction has begun and shortly after news of the approval came the official 2020 salary cap number. Spoiler alert, it is large.

All 32 NFL teams will officially have $198.2M to spend on players. This is an extreme amount of many and, according to things reported about the new CBA, it is only expected to climb and climb and climb when new television deals are put in place.

The Cowboys have a lot of financial decisions to make and now know they line in the sand that they cannot cross. Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper both need deals, there are plenty of other players beyond them that do as well, it is possible that knowing what they now know the Cowboys are able to get some things done.

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