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Report: NFL and NFLPA are in discussions about delaying the start of the league year and free agency

Next steps in the NFL are being discussed.

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

For NFL business to really move forward, the Collective Bargaining Agreement needed to be settled. That happened by a very close vote, and now the structure of the NFL for the next decade has been laid out.

Once that decision was finalized, there were suggestions that the NFL would then consider delaying the start of the league year, and free agency, from its current date of this Wednesday, the 18th. With the issues around the coronavirus, there was heavy speculation about a delay.

The NFL an the NFLPA are currently in discussions about this very issue.

The uncertainty around travel and other issues related to the coronavirus, the new terms of the CBA, and the new salary cap could all combine to force a delay to starting league business. The legal tampering period would actually begin Monday at 12:00 PM ET, so expect a decision to come down on this later today. They would not want to start that legal tampering period only to then shut it down.

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