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Amari Cooper is back with the Cowboys, now get the shirt to celebrate!


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Monday night was a lot of fun for Dallas Cowboys fans as it was announced that the team agreed to a long-term contract with wide receiver Amari Cooper. It was a long time coming.

Was it really a long time, though? Dallas traded for Cooper less than two years ago, but just about ever since he joined the team he’s been spectacular. Having him around for the foreseeable future, the prime of his career, is an incredible thing.

Our friends at BreakingT have a new shirt to celebrate Cooper staying with the Cowboys. It features the phrase that Cowboys fans all over the world utter when Cooper does anything of note: COOOOOOOOOOOOP.

BreakingT’s shirts always fit well (go with your normal size) and are very comfortable. Hopefully we’re all screaming COOOOOOOP plenty of times this season.

And if you were holding out an your Amari Cooper Cowboys jersey

He’s not going anywhere! So load up now!

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