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Cowboys free agent rumors: Damon Harrison says he never had talks with Cowboys but would love to stay home

The Cowboys pursuit of defensive tackles hasn’t included talking to Snacks Harrison.

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Over the weekend it was reported that the Dallas Cowboys were “open” to the idea of Damon Harrison and a lot of people got excited. Snacks is among the better options left at defensive tackle, the Cowboys are reportedly considering a few, and bringing him in would make Jim Tomsula’s group better. Free agency can be tough if you allow your hopes to get up, but some people seemed ready to love again for Harrison.

It has now been a couple of days since conversations first hit the internet regarding Harrison and the Cowboys, but it appears that they may have been a little premature. Responding to a Twitter user on Monday afternoon, Snacks noted that he hasn’t even spoken to the Cowboys.

Harrson lives in Dallas which is what he means by staying home, and considering this tweet is coming from him himself it’s not exactly hard to believe. Why would the Cowboys have never even had talks with him?

Is it possible that the Cowboys are floating out interest in Harrison to help land a deal with someone else, say one of the other defensive tackles that they’re reportedly interested in? Or maybe the Cowboys do like Snacks but just never got around to actually talking him. This would make one wonder, um, why not?!

Whatever the case may be it appears as if there is no forward movement between Damon Harrison and the Cowboys.

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