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Source says that Cowboys QB Dak Prescott will become the highest-paid player in the NFL

The market can be a quarterback’s friend.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The biggest Dallas Cowboys topic of the offseason had seemingly taken a backseat to the signing of outside free agents, but with things starting to slow down those days are over. Dak Prescott’s pending contract with the team is a talking point once more.

Wednesday afternoon brought with it the discussion of a four-year, $35M per season deal for the quarterback. Reports noted that disagreement between the team and player seems to revolve around the length of the deal (Dak’s team seemingly prefers a shorter contract). It’s funny that time is the apparent issue when all we can do until a deal is signed is, in fact, pass the time.

The heat turned up a bit on Thursday as more “details” began to emerge. While this should not be shocking given the way quarterbacks in the National Football League are paid, we are starting to see some specific verbiage associated with Prescott: highest-paid.

Ian Rapoport also noted that at the end of the day it is obvious that Prescott is going to be among the highest-paid quarterbacks in the game and that he could actually be the highest. This would likely mean that he would top Russell Wilson’s $35M per year average and/or Jared Goff’s $110M in total guarantees.

Buckle up.

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