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Sean Lee discusses the difficulties for the Dallas Cowboys in this unusual offseason

The Cowboys are at a disadvantage this year.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Nothing has been normal in sports for the last few weeks. The virus that is disrupting all walks of life has also hit the sports world. The NFL has soldiered on since they are in the offseason and many of the things they are doing can be done remotely using the virtual world of the internet and good old-fashioned phone technology.

Soon, though, that will no longer be the case. April 6th was an important date on the upcoming calendar because the Cowboys were one of the teams scheduled to start team activities since they have a new head coach, Mike McCarthy.

Teams with new head coaches were scheduled to begin their offseason program April 6, while April 20 was the date for the rest of the league’s teams. Teams also have been instructed to close their facilities to players — other than those undergoing medically supervised rehab — for the next two weeks.

”Based on the most recent guidance provided by leading health officials, and in consultation with the NFLPA and both our and the union’s medical advisors, we believe this is the appropriate way to protect the health of our players, staff, and our communities,” Goodell said in a statement. “We will continue to make decisions based on the best advice from medical and public health experts and will be prepared to make further modifications as needed.”

So it’s likely that the Cowboys won’t be starting team activities then, or anytime soon after that. While acknowledging the significance of what is going on with the virus and in no way minimizing its impact, this does affect the Cowboys a little more than many teams because of the new coach aspect. Again, this needs to be done, the health of everyone comes first. But the Cowboys are going to have to work a little extra to get the new coaching staff’s plans and schemes put into place this offseason.

Sean Lee notes:

“I still think they’re trying to figure out the logistics of trying to learn and have meetings,” Lee said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “Hopefully, we can get past this and have some type of offseason. But if not, I think there’s a game plan to maybe use some technology, to use the iPads, maybe to Skype to have some of those meetings because there’s no question — offensively and defensively — trying to learn new systems, kinda systems that are probably different than what we’ve had in the past, we’re going to need to have those meetings and have that time.”

Every team is going to be in a similar boat when it comes to making sure everyone is on the same page without the usual beats of the offseason, but teams like the Cowboys with first-year head coaches may find the sledding more difficult.

Hopefully the team can get a lot of this done virtually so by the time they actually do get together as a team, they can get moving rather quickly. As to when they will get together, no one really knows. But some are predicting it will be a while, like Ravens president Dick Cass.

“I just don’t think the OTAs are going to happen at all. I hope I’m wrong. I’m hoping we can get some players in (the facility) in June, but I’m sort of doubtful of that. The next big date for the players of course will be the opening of training camp. We’re all hopeful that will not be delayed.”

Some see a delay that not only impacts OTAs and training camp, but possibly the NFL season.

“I don’t see how there aren’t massive delays up and down the [NFL] calendar,” the coach told B/R in a text, “including delay to start of season.”

One NFC head coach said he thinks it’s possible the league has a 14-game season next year.

It’s only sports, delays can be handled. In the real world, please stay safe everyone.

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