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Mike McCarthy has spoken previously about three ways that he categorizes NFL players

How do you think that will translate to the Cowboys?

NFL Combine - Day 2 Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

It’s not even the middle of March and this has already been one of the more interesting offseasons for the Dallas Cowboys in recent memory. Perhaps you feel this is the case because you love talking about quarterback contracts more than anything else in the world. If you’re like me then you have found it fun to learn more about the new head coach in charge of America’s Team as things are different for the first time in a decade.

Gone is the way of day-by-day and hunting for the right kind of guy (in terms of repeated verbiage from the head coach). There is a new head honcho for us to learn his rhymes and rhythms which is an interesting puzzle to try and put together.

Mike McCarthy has three ways that he categorizes NFL players

Something popped up on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon, something from the last time that Mike McCarthy coached a whole season in the NFL.

It was in 2017 that McCarthy last coached a team from season’s start to finish and just before it began, in the preseason incidentally, he had a quote that many people gravitated to. You can watch it right here.

“I have a hard time when people question the level of a professional football player. Because they’re all good players. Every single one of them. You don’t get into the room… You’re not part of a 90-man roster being a guy. It’s ignorant. It’s the wrong way to look at it. Some players are better than others. In my view, and this is how I speak to them, you have good players, you have good players that have great moments, and you have great players. To me I’d classify the NFL player in those three categories. The difference between a good player that has great moments and a great player is great players make people around them better all the time.”

It is definitely interesting to get a peek inside at the mind of the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, especially at understanding how he views players. There is logic to the fact that some players contribute more to NFL teams, but listening to McCarthy note that everyone has talent is something that surely resonates well with the guys that play for him.

The reality is that 90-man rosters are quite large and when it comes to that time of year people generally have an easy time of trimming names when getting to their own group of 53. McCarthy has a point, though, that there are tons of good players yet they do not all have the ability to elevate those around him.

Interestingly the Packers traded a player, Jayrone Elliott, to the Cowboys shortly after this particular quote was given. Hopefully McCarthy has an approach that his new team likes just as much.

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