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One NFL insider believes the Eagles and Giants could get in a bidding war for Byron Jones

Byron Jones will likely spark a bidding war according to one analyst.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The fact that the Dallas Cowboys are going to very likely lose Byron Jones in free agency is a bitter pill for many to swallow. It is possible that you don’t share this sentiment and are not all too worried about Jones leaving the Cowboys (Byron, not any other!). It is always interesting to see players depart Dallas and where they end up, the most bitter result in recent memory is undoubtedly DeMarco Murray heading to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Interestingly, it was that very offseason that Murray fled to Philadelphia that the Cowboys drafted Jones in the first place. Five years later could Jones also end up with the Eagles? One NFL insider thinks it could be there... or with the New York Giants.

Philadelphia and New York could get in a bidding war for Byron Jones

It is likely that two weeks from now an organization other than the Dallas Cowboys will be planning a press conference to unveil their franchise’s new star cornerback. What number jersey will Jones be holding up? Will he move on from number 31?

Whatever number that Jones wears, it is the colors and logo on the uniform that are of most interesting. Pro Football Network’s Tony Pauline fielded a mailbag question this week and was asked for the latest concerning Jones. Pauline believes the Eagles and Giants could get into a bidding war for his services.

What have you heard about the Philadelphia Eagles and Byron Jones?

Throughout the week of the NFL Combine, everything I heard pointed to the Philadelphia Eagles being the favorite for CB Byron Jones. Then late in the weekend, someone told me to “expect the Eagles and New York Giants to get into a bidding war for Jones.” As I reported last week – Jones is going to make a lot of money and he’ll be able to pick the team he wants to play for.

For what it’s worth Jones went to college at UConn so he has familiarity with the northeast part of the country (however much stock you put into that). Obviously Philadelphia and New Jersey New York are both a train or so away from that, maybe he wants to head home in that sense.

Whomever Byron Jones chooses to play for, the odds are starting to seem likely that the Cowboys will be having to square off against him twice a year. The only NFL head coach that Jones has ever known, Jason Garrett, is now the offensive coordinator for the New York Giants, and while Jones plays defense that could obviously play a role.

Jones heading to the Giants is probably the more preferable of these two terrible options given the fact that the Eagles are a much better team. New York is still in a state of rebuild while Philadelphia just won the NFC East, beating the Cowboys in a must-win game to do so by the way, and are three years removed from winning the Super Bowl.

Go to Baltimore, Byron (the Cowboys play the Ravens in 2020, ugh!). Go anywhere outside of the NFC East. Please?

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