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Five Dallas Cowboys made the Top 50 selling list for the 2019 NFL season

America’s Team.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It ranges across the spectrum of positive to negative, but there is no question that the Dallas Cowboys drum up more attention than any other team in the National Football League. They are America’s Team for a reason.

As you are likely well-aware, people love the Cowboys... and people hate the Cowboys. It is the circle of football life and will be from now until the end of time.

Whether people love or hate, the Cowboys seemingly remain unaffected from a financial perspective. They are the most valuable professional sports franchise in the world, and while so much of that has to do with their brand, a lot of it has to do with the star power associated with their players.

The Cowboys have five players on 2019’s Top 50 selling list

Every year lists are compiled to show the merchandise sales for players across the National Football League. The “winners” here aren’t exactly rewarded in Lombardi Trophies, but it is still interesting nonetheless to see how popular players are in a financial sense.

Variety compiled the list of the top 50 selling players over the course of the 2019 season (March 2019 through February 2020). There are five Dallas Cowboys on the list.

Hopefully whoever bought Jason Witten merchandise last year wasn’t too excited for it to hold Cowboys relevance in 2020 as the tight end is now a member of the Las Vegas Raiders. Honestly, it is pretty interesting that Dak Prescott isn’t in the top 10 of this list considering he’s the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, but sometimes weird things happen.

Who do you think the next Cowboy to join this rank will be? There is a possibility that it’s Jaylon Smith, or maybe even Michael Gallup. Of course, maybe the Cowboys will draft someone in a few days that jumps to the top of the list themselves.

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