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These are the 10 best Dallas Cowboys games of the last decade

Now is the time to re-watch.

Sports as we know them are currently on pause throughout the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While there are, without question, more important things and concerns to pay attention to, people are undoubtedly missing watching different sports.

To help combat our current lack of sports, different leagues around the world have chosen to re-broadcast games or make their streaming services available for free while people are practicing social distancing.

The NFL has done this and in case you are not aware... NFL Game Pass is free through the month of May. Game Pass is the league’s subscription service that allows you to go back and re-watch games, Super Bowls, you get the idea.

We have put together a list over on the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel that features the 10 best Dallas Cowboys games of the last decade. There are obviously some great Cowboys games before that as well, but for the purposes of keeping it somewhat recent we kept it from 2010 through 2019.

Not every year is represented and not all games are Cowboys wins (only one isn’t and you can likely guess it). If you are in fact looking for something to pass the time while you stay inside there are far worse ways to do it.

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