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Cowboys draft 2020: The final seven-round mock draft before the real thing

Let’s give it our best shot at guessing the Cowboys draft picks, shall we?

Alabama v Mississippi State Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It’s officially Draft Week.

It brings about the same level of excitement as Shark Week, only instead of watching endless hours of sharks jumping out of the water eating their prey, you get an assortment of new college stars jumping out of their seats and into the NFL. And there’s less blood.

It’s a big weekend for the Dallas Cowboys as they look to add as much new talent as they can to their roster. With so many different directions they can go, it’s hard to guess what the team is going to do in the draft. But that problem hasn’t stop us from trying as over the last few months, the mocks have been everywhere as people do their best and try to figure this thing out. So, with the draft nearly upon us, I thought I’d throw together my one and only mock for the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft.

Round 1: In search of a Trench Warrior

I try not to place an emphasis on position value as great talent is great talent and I have no qualms about taking a running back early if that running back is Ezekiel Elliott. That being said, I’m a sucker for great talent in the trenches, and that’s why I’m rolling with one of the “avon” boys for pick 17.

Javon Kinlaw might be long gone by the time the Cowboys are up, but you never know. His explosive first-step and raw power makes him an outright beast in the interior defensive line. K’Lavon Chaisson also comes with explosiveness, but also great bend to sneak around the edge. Both these players have incredible upside as the team looks to add some youth to a veteran All-Pro cast of defensive linemen.

Prediction: Chaisson. I want both, but I’ll take either.

Round 2: Help at corner is on the way

Like most of you, I’m on board with C.J. Henderson in round one if he manages to slide that far, but if not - it’s okay as there are some really good cornerbacks that should be available at pick 51. And while it might be wishful thinking on my part, I’m holding my breath that one of my next favorite CBs make it to Dallas in the second round.

There are about a half a dozen or so corners that should come off the board by pick 51, but which ones those are is up in the air. It all depends on what teams are looking for. If a few of those corners like Jeff Gladney, Jaylon Johnson, and Kristian Fulton go early - that could leave the door open for Trevon Diggs or A.J. Terrell to be available.

Both Diggs and Terrell have size and strength, they play with physicality, but they are also threats to take the ball away. Diggs does a great job getting his head turned around, and Terrell is fast to react to the football. These guys have the playmaking ability that has been lost from the cornerback position in Dallas.

Prediction: I think A.J. Terrell is more likely to be available here, but I really want Diggs.

Round 3: A bulldozer anyone?

This is typically the “how are they still available” round. Last year, the Cowboys selected an offensive lineman they weren’t expecting to be there in Connor McGovern and the year before that they scored Michael Gallup, who easily could’ve and should’ve been drafted a round earlier. The position that might reward the Cowboys with some great value talent this year may be defensive tackle. My colleague Michael Sisemore just identified how pick 82 could be the sweet spot for DTs this year, and I’m in full agreement.

Full disclosure - I personally don’t expect any of these players to fall that far. I have late-first/early second-round grades on all of them. That being said, there is a cluster of defensive tackles in this range that include other players like Justin Madubuike, Ross Blacklock, and Jordan Elliott. It’s not unreasonable to think a good DT will be available at 82, but the question is - will it be the one the Cowboys like?

Marlon Davidson looks the part of a 3-4 end, but would make an formidable pass rushing 3-tech. He’s got that fire in him to be one of the best. Neville Gallimore, who is nicknamed the “Canadian Bulldozer”, is a tenacious player and uses his violent hands to throw blockers around. Raekwon Davis has freakish size and moves well to bring a disrupting presence.

Prediction: Gallimore. I see a lot of Maliek Collins in him, and what better way to replace one third-round DT with another.

Round 4: Patience pays off

Say it with me now....

There will be a wide receiver on Day 3 that I really like.

There will be a wide receiver on Day 3 that I really like.

There will be a wide receiver on Day 3 that I really like.

I certainly don’t have any problem with taking CeeDee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy, or Henry Ruggs III with pick 17 if all my defensive favorites are gone, but it’s not really atop of my wish list in round one. Call me a scare-dy cat as it pertains to the bust potential of first-round wide receivers, but more than that, it’s this deep draft class that has me wanting the Cowboys to hold out as long as they can before they draft a receiver.

Each round with come with it’s own assessment. Players like Denzel Mims or Jalen Reagor make perfect sense in round two if other areas of talent have dried up. And you have to make that assessment with each new round. The saving grace is - by the time you get to round four, there’s a good chance that the player most likely to step on the field and make an impact at that point in the draft will come from the wide receiver position.

K.J. Hill has superb ball skills and would slot in nicely with the Cowboys offense. Devin Duverney is a tough, elusive receiver who can do some damage after the catch. Michael Pittman Jr. is not a blazer, but he’s a complete receiver who’s a physical and reliable pass-catcher. Lynn Bowden Jr. can get away from you in a hurry and is another potential slot option as well as giving teams something in the return game.

Prediction: Duverney. All of them bring their own thing to the table, but I’m rolling with the guy my gut tells me is most likely to be there.

Round 5: Time to add some blockers

Some may have a desire to re-load at center early due to the surprise retirement of Travis Frederick, but there is no sense of urgency here. The Cowboys need to let the players fall to them, and with an already good cast of interior blockers like Joe Looney, Connor McGovern, and Adam Redmond on the roster, the team should look for a guy who has upside, but who will fall in the draft because they need more time to develop. The Cowboys have that luxury.

Nick Harris is a smart player who possesses the competitive fire the team looks for in the trenches. Kevin Dotson is a physical player that brings a little bit of nasty with him.

Prediction: It’s super hard to figure out which, if any, of the offensive lineman in this draft the Cowboys are interested in. The more important thing is - this is the point in the draft where it could happen.

Speaking of blocking, why don’t we just burn the Cowboys compensatory pick here by adding some depth at tight end. Staying in line with the Cowboys emphasis on in-line blocking, here are couple players that might be a good fit for them.

This may not be what you had in mind for tight end, but this really isn’t a good draft class for that. I’d be inclined to stay away from it all together, but these guys have some nice special teams/practice squad value that could make them an asset later.

Not only is Dalton Keene an athletic player who might be able to do some things in this offense with the right coaching, how cool would it be to have two Blake’s and two Dalton’s make up the Cowboys tight end group? Sean McKeon doesn’t do anything spectacular, but he’s a good enough blocker and reliable enough pass catcher to carve out a role in the NFL.

Prediction: McKeon. I’m more intrigued by Keene, but the Cowboys like boring tight ends and McKeon will put you to sleep with his averageness.

Round 6: No pick

The Cowboys don’t have a sixth-round pick this year (197 overall) because they carelessly traded it away for a guy who could only muster up 11.5 sacks last season. Man, talk about being irresponsible with your draft capital. Okay, while I was being just being snarky there, this would be a good time to alleviate the pain of not having this pick by watching some quick highlights of Robert Quinn.

Round 7: What about a punter?

The Cowboys have themselves a kicking competition with both Greg Zuerlein and Kai Forbath signed, but what about giving punter Chris Jones a little competition? His punts weren’t that great last year and Dallas needs to address this position. Instead of getting cheap and trying to sign one as an undrafted free agent, why don’t they get in before the mad rush and draft one of the top college punters.

I’ll admit, I have no idea how to evaluate punters, but these are two of the best coming out of college. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to draft a guy named Charlton and have him last longer than just two years?

Here is my mock draft:

What about you? Whether it be players you want or players you think the Cowboys want, let’s see what picks you come up with in the comments.

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