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Travis Frederick is doing a lot of fantastic work in the community in the first months of retirement

Well done, Fredbeard.

It feels like it has been months since Travis Frederick retired, but it’s only been just about one. The Dallas Cowboys will certainly miss Frederick and what he brings on the field, but they will also miss the quality person that he is. Frederick is one of the more upstanding individuals to have played for America’s Team in recent memory and his efforts have been recognized by many as a result.

Retirement from the NFL isn’t stopping Fredbeard from trying to help those in need. His Blocking Out Hunger Foundation is something that he has always done tremendous work with, but the reality of our world’s current climate is that there are many people in need.

Frederick detailed the work he’s doing on the latest episode of The Ocho. He also discussed his NFL Draft experience and some fun moments throughout his career. You can listen to the interview right here.

It is obvious how much giving back and helping those in need means to Travis Frederick, as mentioned the Cowboys are going to be without an incredibly high-character person as he heads into retirement. His work towards feeding children is incredibly admirable.

Travis Frederick and his foundation are looking to raise as much money as possible. If you can and would like to donate you can visit this page right here to contribute. You can also donate right here to fight against COVID-19. Here is a little bit more about what their group is trying to do specifically.

In light of the current pandemic and Dallas schools closing for the foreseeable future, Frederick and his foundation quickly mobilized using their Nourish2Flourish infrastructure to provide immediate access to meals to food insecure youth. Last week, they were able to provide $40,000 to their partner Sharing Life who purchase and manage distribution of the food for Nourish2Flourish. As a point of reference, $2 provides enough food for a child for a full day and $25 for two full weeks. Frederick has asked for the public’s help and is matching donations up to $40,000. While Frederick may have retired, the Dallas community is still incredibly important to him and he aims to continue inspiring change and equaling opportunity through the work of his foundation.

Here is a little bit more about Inspire Change.

Inspire Change is a social justice platform to showcase the collaborative efforts of players, owners and the League to create positive change in communities across the country and ensure that equal opportunity becomes a reality for all.

Inspire Change dedicates financial resources from the League, clubs and players to nonprofit organizations; amplifies inspiring stories of players making differences in their communities and society; and deploys public policy and government affairs resources at the local, state, and national levels.

Well done, Fredbeard.

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