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Robert Quinn chose his post-Cowboys team in a very interesting and up-to-chance way

Robert Quinn with an interesting process in free agency.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys turned a lot of heads this past week when they signed pass rusher Aldon Smith. Considering that it has been five years since Smith played football there is understandable reason to be at the very least confused by the move.

By all accounts, Smith is in football shape and ready for the challenges that playing for the Dallas Cowboys presents. We caught up with his agent Ron Slavin on the latest episode of BTB’s The Ocho if you want to hear more about Smith’s personal journey.

Smith is necessary for the Cowboys because as free agency has gone on they have lost a lot of players. In terms of edge rushers, Dallas lost their sack leader from last season in Robert Quinn (who went seven picks after Smith in the 2011 NFL Draft). Quinn is the newest member of the Chicago Bears, and while Dallas won’t play them in 2020, they will ultimately miss his production.

The Cowboys could have ended up playing Quinn in 2020 if things had gone a different way though, if the coin had gone the other way. You might think that we’re talking about some sort of figurative or metaphorical coin but there is a literal coin here. Robert Quinn literally left his free agency up to the chance of a flip.

For what it’s worth, the Chicago Bears have Khalil Mack on their team so playing opposite of him also is likely what lured Quinn to the Windy City. Still, though, it is pretty incredible to think that after he decided to move on that he handled things in this manner.

Obviously the two teams involved here were the Bears and Falcons and neither of those are the Cowboys. Dallas was never going to reach the high dollars for Quinn, Chicago ultimately signed him to a five-year deal worth $70M.

While the Bears landed Quinn the Atlanta Falcons signed Dante Fowler. Is it possible that Aldon Smith outperforms them both in 2020?

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