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Dallas Cowboys fans are soaring with confidence after the 2020 NFL Draft

Cowboys Nation believes in this draft.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It is rather difficult to find a Dallas Cowboys fan that isn’t over the moon about what the team did during the 2020 NFL Draft. The Cowboys found value after value with every one of their picks.

The offseason as a whole has been rather inspiring for Cowboys fans that were starved for good news. With so much uncertainty for the future of the team under a new head coach people were unsure of exactly how to feel.

In terms of everything that we’ve heard from the Cowboys brain trust there is all the reason to be excited about the future of the organization. What happens on the field is ultimately what matters most obviously, but optimism is high.

Cowboys fans are feeling better than they have in a long time

Week in and week out throughout the NFL season we track how Cowboys fans are feeling. As you can imagine optimism rises after wins and pessimism prevails after losses. Such is life as a sports fan.

We have checked in at various points in the offseason and at each checkpoint Cowboys fans have felt better than at the last turn. We are riding high, my friends.

As you can see, a significant majority of Cowboys fans are pleased with what the team has done through the offseason acquisition period. Confidence has shot up more than 100% as the collective has gone from below 40% to over 90%. That’s crazy.

No one is saying that the Cowboys have a perfect roster or are going to go 19-0 en route to winning their sixth Super Bowl; however, the organization has really earned the right to be trusted over the last few months.

Dallas addressed the defensive tackle position with two free agents and a third-round pick. They added dynamic wide receivers both in returning Amari Cooper and drafting CeeDee Lamb. The Cowboys even moved on from Jason Witten which suggests that they are done with letting cornerstone members of the franchise hang on as long as they want to. Things are happening on the team’s terms in many ways which is great to see.

All of this confidence is going to be meaningless if the Cowboys don’t perform on the field. Whether they do or don’t remains to be seen but for now, things are looking up.

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