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Michael Irvin on CeeDee Lamb wearing number 88 for the Dallas Cowboys: I LOVE this kid!

Count Michael Irvin among those happy to see CeeDee Lamb rocking #88.

Super Bowl XXX - Dallas Cowboys v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Thursday was an interesting day for Dallas Cowboys fans as some found themselves divided over a very particular subject. It was an 8-8 record last season that left Cowboys fans flustered, and it was the number 88 itself on Thursday that did them in. When word came out that rookie wide receiver CeeDee Lamb is going to be wearing number 88, there were some people that had some not-so-down-with-it thoughts.

Obviously the number 88 has a legacy with the Cowboys as it belongs to one Pro Football Hall of Famer (Michael Irvin), one should be HOFer and Ring of Honor member (Drew Pearson), and the franchise’s all-time leader in receiving touchdowns (Dez Bryant). Needless to say, the shoulders that put 88 over ‘em have a lot weighing on them.

Michael Irvin is ecstatic about CeeDee Lamb wearing number 88

While Drew Pearson is without question the original 88, there is perhaps no more noteworthy member of the club than Michael Irvin. In terms of players that wore it, he achieved the most both with the team and on an individual level. The Playmaker was a phenomenal member of the prestigious fraternity.

Irvin appeared on Friday’s episode of First Take and was obviously asked about Lamb wearing the iconic digits. He made it very known that he is supporting it 100%.

Within the 88 group there is no doubt that Irvin is the group’s loudest ambassador. It says a lot that he is so approving of Lamb wearing the number, but for what it’s worth, Dez Bryant voiced his support for it as well. Good on the older members of the group.

There are some that believe this is all a big deal being made over nothing as it is “just” a jersey number; however, this is the Dallas Cowboys. The number 88 means something here. It makes sense to have strong opinions on it.

The last time that a rookie first-round receiver wore number 88 for the Dallas Cowboys (Dez Bryant in 2010), Mike McCarthy’s team won the Super Bowl. Hopefully history can repeat itself in that specific regard.

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