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Does looking at the 2020 Cowboys schedule by opposing quarterbacks make you feel better or worse?

It’s all about perspective when looking at an NFL schedule.

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

We officially know when, where, and at what time the Dallas Cowboys will play all of their games throughout the 2020 season which is a whole lot of fun. Despite the fact that we have known who the Cowboys will be playing this season for some time, there is something about knowing the schedule that adds a level of realism to it. We can now ponder as to what life will be like in a certain week, assuming the results we think will happen actually do, and that will obviously effect what follows. That’s football.

So much about an NFL season is unknown until it’s over. Every year there are teams that rise up from obscurity, some that fall short of big expectations, and a whole lot in between. Obviously we are all hoping that the Dallas Cowboys will be serious competitors.

Does looking at the schedule by opposing quarterbacks make you feel better or worse?

So much about football revolves around the person lining up under center for each team. This is a quarterback league which is evidenced in no better way than the price that it takes to lock one down to a big-time contract.

There are some people divided on how they view the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott, interestingly enough opinions on opposing signal-callers tend to be more agreed upon. In looking at the 2020 Cowboys schedule by opposing quarterback, does it make you feel better or worse than when you just looked at the team names?

There are nine games that come against quarterbacks with playoff experience, although two of them are from the same quarterback in Carson Wentz. There are two Super Bowl winners in Ben Roethlisberger and Russell Wilson, plus three more Super Bowl participants in Matt Ryan, Jared Goff, and Jimmy Garoppolo.

Matt Ryan is also one of the two MVP-winning quarterbacks that the Cowboys will be facing in 2020 with last year’s winner Lamar Jackson as the other. Looking at the list a little bit more you will also see that the last three Heisman Trophy Winners (who all also went number one overall in the drafts that immediate followed their winning it) in Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, and Joe Burrow.

After we have applied all of these filters we are left with two young prospects, Daniel Jones and Dwayne Haskins. Both of these quarterbacks were taken in the first round by division rivals last year so they are still early in their careers, but they are technically the least accomplished from an overall perspective.

13 games will come against quarterbacks taken in the first round with the other three being Wilson, Cousins, and Garoppolo. Obviously the Cowboys are a bit of a rare bird in that their quarterback was drafted in the fourth round which speaks to how far Dak Prescott has come to this point in his career.

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