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One point that best encapsulates why the Dallas Cowboys should pay Dak Prescott

The Cowboys contract with Dak Prescott needs to get done.

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There are about two months between now and July 15th, which means there are approximately 60 days for discussions about Dak Prescott’s future contract with the Dallas Cowboys to have legitimate life in them.

This point is being talked about a lot as of late thanks to some comments that Stephen Jones made at the end of last week. Whether you believe Dak is among the game’s better quarterbacks, or that he isn’t fit to stand under center for the Dallas Cowboys, your mind is made up.

It does feel like most objective minds accept that Dak is at the very least among the top half of quarterbacks in the NFL. His doubters believe him to be good, just not great, and they are weary of paying a great price for something that they don’t believe is that.

This is, and has been, the best argument for paying Dak Prescott

Not wanting to pay a great price for a good product makes sense logically. In so much of business a great price means a great product. We all understand that.

The thing about paying quarterbacks, though, is that the market is all about always paying great prices. You can disagree with the way that the market works but it is, in fact, the market.

As this is the market, the way that it works means that the price for a franchise quarterback will only continue to rise (especially once Pat Mahomes and Deshaun Watson get their deals, not to mention Lamar Jackson). Even if you are against Dak Prescott getting paid like one of the absolute best quarterbacks in the NFL, it still makes the most financial sense possible to pay him sooner rather than later. ESPN’s Mina Kimes emphasized this point recently on Around the Horn.

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“He [Dak] was in fact a top 10 quarterback last year by just about any metric. I think Dallas’ chances of finding a top 10 quarterback if they don’t pay him are very small... and that’s why they need to do it.”

Say you believe that Dak Prescott just barely meets the requirements of being among the top tier quarterbacks in the game (as in top 10). The reality is that he is still among that group and that finding someone who is capable of replicating that is an extremely difficult proposition.

Remember that when the Cowboys drafted Dak that they initially wanted not only Paxton Lynch but Connor Cook ahead of him. You want to take your chances down that line of gambling over two to three million dollars per season or one less year on his deal?

It is smart business to pay Dak Prescott as soon as possible, had the Cowboys done so a year ago then they might have him on the books for somewhere around $33M per season and wouldn’t be in this predicament.

Smart business is not always cheap, but it is smart. There is one smart option here. The obvious one.

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