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Cowboys News: The Dak Prescott contract debate rages on

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Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Donovan McNabb says Cowboys could have ‘major problem’ if they don’t pay Dak Prescott - Calvin Watkins, Dallas Morning News

Every day that passes without Dak Prescott signing a long term contract with the Cowboys stokes the flames of a fiery debate over who deserves what. Former longtime Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb joined the discourse on Tuesday calling for Prescott to get paid.

Houston’s Deshaun Watson and Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes are also seeking large contracts within the next year. Watson has held preliminary discussions with the Texans, but nothing has started yet for Mahomes.

Former Eagles and Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb believes if Watson and Mahomes get new deals before Prescott it could present a problem. “Pay the man,” McNabb said on the Last Stand Podcast with Showtime’s Brian Custer.

“Pay the man because I’m going to tell you one thing — (when) you franchise him, say he has half Jameis Winston’s season and y’all make it to the NFC Championship Game or second round of the playoffs. And he passes for 5,000 yards, 35 touchdowns and maybe about 12 to 13 picks. You know how much money he’s going to ask for? You think it’s a problem now. It’s going to be a major problem if Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes sign their contracts.”


Earlier in the week, Stephen Jones told Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk that there were certain analytics that suggested a team shouldn’t pay their quarterback as much money. Benjamin Solak of The Draft Network examined that perspective on Tuesday.

This is all poppycock, clearly. It isn’t enough to look at Super Bowl winners alone and expect to glean the model for consistent NFL success. It isn’t enough to look at the individual fattest quarterback contract and expect to divine the ideal cap figure and contract duration for another young, star passer. The NFL is not only extremely nuanced, but it’s extremely nuanced only to a point; and there’s an unimaginable stretch of dumb, stupid, unmeasurable luck between that point and the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Every year, several teams will find enough competitive edges to get to the point. The Ravens will have a league MVP running quarterback, the Patriots will have elite man coverage across the board, the Saints will have the world’s most talented roster, the 49ers will run play-action until someone stops them and the Chiefs will have Patrick Mahomes. But only one will end up winning the Super Bowl, and we will all pontificate on that one particular edge that gleams right in front of our noses, cheerfully ignoring the reality that one awkward bounce of one awkward football would have put a different team with a whole different edge on the throne.

The most important thing is that Jones and the entire Cowboys organization knows it is too. It’s nice to talk about the valiant team-orientation of Tom Brady, who sacrifices market-value contracts for the sake of the team; and maybe Brady’s modest cap hits over the years was, truly, the greatest edge of the Patriots’ dynasty. It remains far more likely, however, that the greatest edge in New England was the marriage between the extremely talented coach and extremely talented quarterback. That’s the plain reality of the Cowboys’ current situation with Prescott: It may be competitively beneficial for Prescott to take a cheaper contract than the one he’s apparently demanding. But it is far more competitively beneficial for Prescott to stay on the team, no matter the cost.

Dak Prescott Still Has Two Monster Offers On The Table - Mike Fisher and Josh Clark, 105.3 The Fan

There has been quite a lot of different information put out there regarding the contract negotiations between Dak Prescott and the Cowboys, so it can be hard to keep track of it all. But the fact remains that there are at least two options for Prescott’s contract status.

So, what’s the hold up in negotiations? Prescott is seeking a four-year deal for two reasons: First, Prescott wants a shorter deal so that he can re-enter the market at the still-young age of 30-years-old. Secondly, the NFL’s deal with the television networks ends following the 2022 season, opening the door for an increase in the salary cap and player salaries.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys current offer of $35 million APY is based on a five-year deal, thus giving them an extra year of control.

The contract negotation will likely continue this summer but will have to be worked out by the July 15 deadline, or else Prescott and the Cowboys could be facing an ugly situation heading into training camp.

Vegas odds list Cowboys QB Dak Prescott among MVP favorites - Shelby Lopez, Dallas Morning News

Dak Prescott just came off of his best season in his professional career, and many expect him to take another step forward under noted QB guru Mike McCarthy. It should be no surprise, then, that Prescott has really good odds of becoming the 2020 NFL MVP.

Caesars Sportsbook pegged Prescott with the third-highest MVP odds overall at 9-1. The only two players with higher odds are Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson (last season’s MVP) and Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes (last season’s Super Bowl MVP).

Prescott is coming off the best season of his career in 2019. He threw for career-highs in yards (4,902) and touchdowns (30). Prescott lost a pair of weapons from last year in Randall Cobb and Jason Witten, but he gained a new one in first-round draft pick CeeDee Lamb. The Cowboys also re-signed top receiver Amari Cooper and have another 1,000-yard receiver returning in Michael Gallup.

Oddsmakers also project the Cowboys to improve on their 8-8 2019 season. Caesars Sportsbook has the Cowboys making the playoffs in 2020 and potentially making a deep postseason run. The Cowboys are tied with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the second-best odds to win the NFC Championship. The only team with better odds is the reigning NFC champion San Francisco 49ers.

Marcus Spears Thinks There’s Something Fishy About Dak Prescott Contract Situation - Liam McKeone, The Big Lead

The Dak Prescott contract situation has had its fair share of rumors and speculation swirling around it, and former Cowboys defender Marcus Spears added to it on Tuesday. Spears didn’t say exactly what he suspects, but he does seem suspicious about the contract saga.

“If they’ve offered Dak $35 million a year and over $100 million guaranteed and he’s turning it down because of an extra year, Dak is crazy. He’s out of his mind for turning that down. The second thing I will say is this, though; I’m not sure if that is the case. I’m thinking something about the structure of this contract is giving Dak and his agent pause before signing,” said Spears. “I’ve never known a guy to fight over a year if he’s going to get $100 million guaranteed. Because, usually, that’s all that matters to NFL players is, ‘What am I getting going to my bank account?’ All other stuff, you can chalk it up to maybes.”

“I keep coming back to why... When is the last time we’ve seen a team have this much trouble signing their supposedly franchise quarterback? When have we seen apprehension? When we have heard the general manager/owner come out and say when you pay your quarterback top money you don’t win Super Bowls?”

Spears continued. “Out of every contract we’ve watched get done, from the Jared Goffs to the Carson Wentzs to the Russell Wilsons and everybody in between, there was not this delay. There was not this many players being signed to the team before the quarterback being signed. There was not a nine-year starter signed as a backup. All of this stuff! And we keep watching it like they’ll go about normal business and they’ll get the deal done. This ain’t normal!”

Cowboys’ Tyrone Crawford ‘feeling awesome,’ ready for 2020 season after double hip surgery - Jordan Dajani, CBS Sports

Tyrone Crawford has been with the Cowboys for a long time at this point, and the defender is now getting ready to mount a comeback of sorts after missing most of last season with an injury.

In 2018, Crawford started in 15 games and recorded 34 combined tackles and a career-high 5.5 sacks. With Maliek Collins and David Irving both missing time, he was able to step up and make an impact for the Cowboys’ defense. The versatile lineman was someone to watch entering his eighth season, but he played in just four games before he elected to undergo season-ending hip surgery.

The injury had actually been bothering him since the offseason, but Crawford originally thought he could battle through the pain. Now that he has recovered, he says that he’s feeling “awesome” and is looking forward to returning to the field.

“Obviously, double hip surgery is nothing to play around with. But I’m feeling awesome, ready to go,” Crawford said, via the Cowboys’ official website. “Surprisingly, I’m feeling great. I didn’t think I was going to be feeling as good as I am at this point.”

Mailbag: Changes To The Offense This Year? - Nick Eatman and David Helman,

Mike McCarthy is known as an offensive mastermind around the league, but he still decided to keep Kellen Moore as the offensive playcaller. While Moore will likely keep some things in place from last season, it’s worth it to wonder what will change.

Nick: Good question and hopefully we’ll find out soon enough. I think you can have a philosophy all day long, but at the end of the day, it’s about the players. And don’t forget that McCarthy had Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers as his two quarterbacks in Green Bay. So what worked there, might not work here. I do think he likes to spread the offense out more than Garrett. You shouldn’t see as much “13” personnel with the three-tight end sets. I think it’ll be spread to use the width of the field more than we’ve seen with Garrett. But don’t think he’s going to abandon the running game.

David: It’s a great question for a variety of reasons. Firstly, because the Cowboys’ offense has been heavily influenced by Scott Linehan and then Kellen Moore in the years since Garrett surrendered play calling duties. Secondly, because Mike McCarthy has vowed to mesh his preferences with what Moore has already put in place. We know McCarthy is a West Coast Offense disciple, which means a ton of focus on timing and shorter runs, rather than an over-reliance on the vertical passing game. Does that mean Dallas is going to overhaul what already worked last year? I doubt it. But I would expect we’ll notice the difference. Hopefully, with three Pro Bowl-caliber receivers in the lineup, McCarthy helps the Cowboys get away from that 1995, ground-and-pound mentality.

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