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Emmitt Smith believes Dak Prescott is good enough to carry the Cowboys to a Super Bowl

An all-time Cowboys great expresses confidence in Dak Prescott.

Buffalo Bills v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

There are no shortages on opinions when it comes to Dak Prescott. This is true of Dak in general, but when you factor in his pending contract negotiations, the intensity grows. Everybody seems to have a thought on what Dak or the Cowboys should do, which is why the next two months sound like so much fun.

As the Dallas Cowboys are, well, the Dallas Cowboys, they obviously have a lot of prominent alumni from the organization. Various Cowboys greats make media appearances on the regular, Troy Aikman and Tony Romo work in the media, so we are all aware of how public certain members of America’s Team still are.

Emmitt Smith believes Dak Prescott is good enough to carry the Cowboys to a Super Bowl

It was just three months ago that Emmitt Smith took some heat for, in the minds of many, hypocritically suggesting that Dak Prescott should take a team-friendly deal and make up the extra cash by way of endorsements considering the team that he plays for.

This was so long ago that Smith was championing that cause in the name of the Cowboys being able to re-sign Amari Cooper. They already did that, plus they drafted CeeDee Lamb. Moves like these, among some others, have people believing the Cowboys are legitimate contenders in 2020.

Smith was asked Tuesday night on 105.3 The Fan if he believes the Cowboys are contenders with Dak Prescott. His answer certainly makes it seem like he believes so.

Question: Do you believe Dak Prescott is good enough to carry the Cowboys to a Super Bowl?

Emmitt Smith: No doubt. No doubt. No doubt. I believe he is. And I think he’s getting better. And I think he has so much more room to grow. And I think he’ll get there.

Prescott took a considerable step forward in 2019 and there is reason to believe that with Mike McCarthy now serving as head coach that even brighter days are ahead (especially with Kellen Moore returning as offensive coordinator). That is the hope at least.

It is obviously frustrating that the Cowboys and Dak Prescott do not have an agreement by this point in time, but this isn’t exactly shocking considering the pending July 15th deadline for franchise tagged players. Smith also echoed this sentiment.

Question: Are you surprised that it’s mid-May and we’re still talking about Dak Prescott not being signed to a long-term extension?

Emmitt Smith: No I’m not surprised. I’m not surprised. If you understand the business of leverage, when you have leverage, then you try to set the rules. And the only way you fight leverage is you fight it by establishing your ground. I think at some point this stuff will subside, and it’s not that important right now. I think the most important thing is… it’s important for people like press people that need something to talk about every week because you don’t have much to talk about because we don’t have camps and minicamps and so forth. And now we’re talking about pandemic left and right, 24/7, seven days a week, however you look at it, so you look for something to discuss. But as far as the players go, Dak is not worried whether or not he’s going to get signed. I’m not even concerned. I believe he will get it done. I believe the Cowboys will get it done. Because we don’t have room to be playing games, and playing chicken. We need to get all of the seasoning inside of that gumbo pit and get this thing moving in the right direction.

There is nothing but time between now and July 15th so the discussion will continue. For the longest time, it has made sense that the most significant traction here would happen when the deadline was closer, we simply are not there yet.

Buckle up and wait.

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