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Giants QB Daniel Jones reached out to Tony Romo regarding Jason Garrett’s offense

The Cowboys old offense is traveling to the northeast.

Philadelphia Eages v New York Giants Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

Change happens in the NFL. You need look no further than the 2020 Dallas Cowboys for an example of that. Players, coaches, personnel members, on and on and on, there is a constant element of change throughout the league. While the Cowboys look different, so do two of their rivals in the Washington Redskins and New York Giants.

Washington is now led by Ron Rivera and we will see if he is able to reboot that culture. The New York Giants have Joe Judge at the head coach post, but they have Jason Garrett as his right hand man as offensive coordinator. Obviously that is interesting given that Garrett served as the head coach of the Cowboys for almost a decade.

Giants QB Daniel Jones has called Tony Romo for advice on Garrett’s offense

Jason Garrett originally joined the Cowboys coaching staff as the team’s offensive coordinator back in 2007. That season was Tony Romo’s first full one as the starting quarterback and Romo played what was just about his whole career under Garrett.

It is fair to say that there is perhaps no quarterback that knows the offense that Garrett will be employing in New York (the one he ran with the Cowboys) better than Romo. As a Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has reached out to Romo.

“I certainly did that, diving into some of the Cowboys stuff and what they had done in the past,” Jones said during a conference call with Giants beat reporters. “The rules make it tough to communicate a whole lot about that stuff, so there’s a little bit of patience involved in that until getting to a point where we could get the playbook and kind of understand some of the concepts and get some of the verbiage. But I did my best to be prepared for when I could get my hands on that stuff.”

He also has talked to Tony Romo and expects to pick the former Cowboys quarterback’s brain some more this offseason.

“I spoke with Tony briefly,” Jones said. “We didn’t get into the system a whole lot. I look forward to talking to some of those guys and hearing their perspective on it.”

Jones also has received help from Cooper Rush, who served as Prescott’s backup in Dallas for three seasons. The Giants recently claimed Rush off waivers.

“He’s been great to have in the room,” Jones said. “He understands it well. It will help speed up that learning process.”

It was last week, in the aftermath of signing veteran Andy Dalton, that the Cowboys said goodbye to their three-year backup quarterback Cooper Rush. The Giants predictably claimed him shortly after so obviously he can help Jones out as well.

Tony Romo is at a different point in the NFL than he was as a player. As the top color analyst for CBS, he is past his playing days and should be someone that players reach out to for advice. He certainly lived a career that had a lot of different twists and turns.

All of that being said, it is still interesting to hear that Romo had any interaction with Jones (although apparently not one of specifics). It’s not like Romo would ignore Jones’ calls because of the uniform that he wears... does it bother you at all?

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