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Dallas Cowboys DT Gerald McCoy has lost 20 lbs this offseason

Cowboys free agent signee Gerald McCoy is slimming down.

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There are a lot of new players on the Dallas Cowboys to be excited about and Gerald McCoy is undoubtedly one of them. It’s nice to see the team finally investing at the defensive tackle position (Dontari Poe and Neville Gallimore on top of McCoy sure is great) as that has been a spot that they have ignored in recent memory. Hopefully, adding some presence along the interior will pay off substantially.

McCoy is someone that has already spoken publicly several times since joining the Cowboys and he has talked about a variety of things. We have heard him discuss the change in his diet but he shared a photo on social media recently so now we can see exactly what he looks like.

Gerald McCoy has lost 20 lbs this offseason

In an interview with the mothership McCoy noted that he has lost 20 lbs this offseason. He is obviously working out but he is doing more than that; he told ESPN’s Marty Smith that he has shifted away from a purely vegan diet as an example.

When he spoke to the mothership, McCoy noted that he was at 295 and said that was the lowest that he had been since his rookie season (2010). On Thursday, he shared a photo of the 20 lb loss on his Instagram story.

Each time that McCoy has talked about his weight this offseason, he has noted that he felt off last year and that he realized in retrospect that it was due to his weight. He also noted that several players in NFL history have slimmed down as they’ve gotten older and experienced success as a result of it (he specifically named Bruce Smith, Tony Gonzalez, and Michael Strahan).

Obviously some defensive tackles are north of 300 lbs and this is McCoy’s weight in the month of May, not during September the week of the opener.

We will see how McCoy’s physique ultimately forms over the course of the next several months but he appears focused on it which is good to see.

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