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“The Last Dance” serves as a reminder that the 1990s were all Chicago Bulls and Dallas Cowboys

It was a good decade for Cowboys fans.

1998 NBA Finals - Chicago Bulls v Utah Jazz Photo by Andy Hayt/NBAE via Getty Images

The 1990s Dallas Cowboys are remembered for the phenomenal success they had in that decade. Of course, the Cowboys were not the only high-profile team to experience success in the 1990s, they weren’t even the only dynasty by that measurement. For the last few weeks, anyone could watch the greatness of the 1990s Chicago Bulls by way of The Last Dance, and it’s likely that if you have watched it, you have been feeling nostalgic about the era as a result.

The 1990s were all about the Chicago Bulls and the Dallas Cowboys

It is possible that you spent the decade in question rooting for both the Chicago Bulls and Dallas Cowboys. There are a lot of people in the middle of that venn diagram.

When we look back on the 1990s we see great sports teams, starter jackets, and block phones that make us wonder how we ever had conversations without seriously hurting our necks from holding it up. From a sports perspective, though, there is no denying that things revolved around the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, Jimmy Johnson, and the Dallas Cowboys,

It really is wild to look back on a time that was a quarter century ago and consider that each of these two dynasties, amid the height of their respective powers, saw their main cogs leave the team. Michael Jordan left to play baseball and Jimmy Johnson’s time with the Cowboys ended all too abruptly.

There is no question that both the Bulls and Cowboys were filled with talent deep throughout their roster, but without their leading men each team took a step backward without them. Chicago missed out on titles in 1994 and 1995, 1994 was quite the lost year if you were a fan of both, and missed out on the potential for four straight championships just like many people believe the Cowboys did without Johnson.

Many people have wondered what a football documentary like “The Last Dance” would look like. We’re talking about something that chronicles a team’s entire season, totally behind the scenes, in unadulterated fashion.

Yes, the 2017 Dallas Cowboys were profiled on All or Nothing, but what makes TLD special is that it was the 1998 Bulls that were documented. The team knew that they were nearing the end of a special run and thought that documenting it could be valuable for the future. 22 years later it is safe to say if you’ve seen it, you agree.

Which Cowboys team of that time would you want to see profiled? If we are going off of TLD criteria, then the 1995 team might fit more of the bill as they were chasing the same sort of greatness in their sport that the Bulls were in 1998. If you have watched TLD then imagining that same coverage of a 90s Cowboys team is exciting.

The likely truth is that we will have to wonder about a documentary like that covering the Cowboys forever, but this particular documentary did stir up those emotions. The 1990s were filled with all sorts of success for the Bulls and Cowboys, and unfortunately neither has won a title since their iconic runs of that decade.

Hopefully that changes soon.

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