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There are now Dallas Cowboys face coverings available with NFL proceeds going to charity

Stay safe, everyone.


Our world as we know it is a very delicate place right now. We hope that you are safe wherever you are.

While we are reaching a point where things are starting to open up amid the COVID-19 pandemic the most important thing is that everyone stays safe. Face masks are a big part of safety measures being taken and are in fact mandatory in lots of places, it is likely that you have seen various designs among your friends and family.

If you have been looking for a Dallas Cowboys facemask you have come to the right place. Reusable masks with a Cowboys design are now available, a three-pack at that, right below. What’s more is that all proceeds from these masks go to charity.

NOTE: The NFL and FOCO will support the CDC Foundation by donating all NFL proceeds from the sale of these licensed face coverings. The face coverings will ship no later than June 15

We hope all is well wherever you are. Stay safe, friends.

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