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CeeDee Lamb says he chose number 88 over 10 due to the tradition associated with it with the Cowboys

Some context on CeeDee Lamb’s decision.

Oklahoma v Texas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

When the NFL Draft is over there are plenty of people that look forward to a valuable piece of information on the newest Dallas Cowboys - their jersey numbers.

You can see the entire 2020 Dallas Cowboys Draft Class jersey numbers right here, but one of the members has had far more discussion about his digits than everyone else. Obviously we are talking about CeeDee Lamb.

There has been a lot of talk about what Lamb should, or wants to, wear. In the immediate aftermath of being drafted by the Cowboys he expressed a desire to wear number 10. Shortly after that Jerry Jones intimated that he wanted CeeDee to wear number 88 so when that actually came to be many people jumped to a specific conclusion.

CeeDee noted that he chose 88 due to the history associated with it

It was on 105.3 The Fan that Lamb first said that he wanted to number 10, and that has obviously been what everyone has pointed to when discussing this subject. He wanted to wear it and the fact that he is not wearing it means something is afoot, right?!

That is not necessarily the case. Appearing once again on 105.3, Lamb cleared the air a bit. He said that the originally wanted to wear number 10 but then when giving more thought to it that the history associated with the number sounded appealing to him.

Many people have believed that Jerry Jones forced Lamb into wearing number 88 due to the story that Jerry told on the night of the draft. While it has been obvious from the jump that Jerry preferred this, it hardly seems like it is happening against the rookie’s will.

Number 88 belongs to three players in Cowboys history but the most championships won with it belong to Michael Irvin. The Playmaker has spoken publicly about Lamb wearing number 88 and is a fan of it.

There you have it. No controversy. No big deal.

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