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Here is a timeline of the Jamal Adams discussions from Friday as they pertain to the Dallas Cowboys

NFL offseason rumors, they’re always entertaining.

Oakland Raiders v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

It has been a weird week for Dallas Cowboys discussion and that reached a new (but really old) level of intrigue on Friday.

You are likely well aware of the “history” between the Cowboys and New York Jets safety Jamal Adams. It is possible that you even want to see Dallas land Adams by way of trade, but obviously some things have to happen for that dream to become a reality.

Here is a timeline of Friday’s events that ended with some cold water being thrown on trade talks (for now).

Reports about Adams and the Jets being at an impasse start, and a price for him was floated out

This technically started on Thursday evening, but as Jamal Adams is entering his fourth season in the NFL he is eligible for a brand new contract. The New York Jets don’t seem to want to give him one which reignited trade talks around his services.

On Friday morning word started to trickle out that the asking price for Adams was a first- and third-round pick. There are many Cowboys fans that seem prepared to pay that price as there is likely a third-round compensatory pick headed the team’s way in 2021, but whether that will truly be enough to get a deal done remains to be seen.

Michael Gallup was suggested as a trade piece by a New York media member

After trade talks fell apart between Dallas and New York last year it was reported that the Jets asked for Tyron Smith or Zack Martin. The Cowboys apparently offered a first-round pick and Anthony Brown. Make of all of that what you will.

Clearly it makes sense in any negotiation to ask for as much as you can possibly get. Gary Myers is a name that many NFL fans know, and he obviously has a pulse on the New York beat: he floated out a hypothetical that involved Dallas sending a first-round pick and Michael Gallup to the Jets in exchange for Adams. No thanks.

Obviously it is going to take a significant price for Dallas to land Jamal Adams but including an ascending wide receiver that helps the best part of the team’s strength be great doesn’t seem like the best idea.

It was reported that the Cowboys were “seriously in play” to land Jamal Adams

Shortly after throwing out the Michael Gallup idea he noted that the Cowboys were “seriously in play” to acquire Jamal Adams. That got a lot of people’s attention.

It’s hard to gauge what that could mean as we have known for a long time now that the Cowboys really want Adams. Does “seriously in play” mean that they are actively making phone calls, or does it mean that they are offering more and more and more?

We all will have to wait and see.

The Cowboys are reportedly not in on Jamal Adams at the present moment

To wrap up Friday’s fun, and send us in the weekend, reports started to trickle out that threw some cool water on all of these hot talks.

According to both Calvin Watkins and Jane Slater, there is nothing to really make legitimate steam from on Jamal Adams and the Dallas Cowboys... for now.

There is a lot of time between now and the beginning of the regular season (as it is currently scheduled). If something is going to happen on the Jamal Adams front, it could come at any time between now and the next few months, but that is if it happens at all.

We will all wait and see.

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