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Aldon Smith continues on his road to redemption by helping children

These are good steps off-the-field that lead to his return to the NFL.

Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys got some promising news last week when it was officially announced that Aldon Smith, one of their newest members, has been reinstated by the National Football League. .Many anticipated that Smith would be reinstated but, of course, the way that the NFL handles things is entirely up to them. All of that is behind us though as Smith can now join his teammates in remote sessions that are taking place, any work at this point is certainly welcome.

Obviously meetings and such are remote these days due to the coronavirus pandemic and as a result there are a number of things taking place in a virtual sense. It appears that meetings with his Cowboys teammates are not the only thing on Smith’s virtual schedule as he is lending his time to a very good cause.

Aldon Smith is remotely reading books to children

It is likely that you, or someone you know, has seen a child’s school situation impacted by the coronavirus to the point that they are experiencing their education virtually. There are many people that have gone above and beyond to help children and one of them is Aldon Smith.

We have known since he first joined the Cowboys that Smith has done a lot of work with Jay Glazer’s Merging Vets and Players program. He is now working with an initiative from WorkForce Software that is working in partnership with MVP where the goal is to read books to children.

“The first thing that went to my head was I was a Tennesee (sic) Titans football fan and a Chicago Bulls fan, and you know, I’ve always been a fan of sports and then music, so I loved all kinds of singers and artists,” Smith says.

“So, if any of them would have hopped on a phone call or a video call and read a book, it’s something I would remember.”

Aldon, who was just reinstated by the NFL and will get another shot at pro football for the first time in years, added, “It just goes along with what I’m into and what I’m about.”

“And, that’s using my time to help others and I enjoy doing it and if it can help others, that’s just a plus. So, this is just one way I can be a source of help.”

So many children look up to athletes or public figures, and to Smith’s point, it can make a huge impact on their lives to see those people reach out and help.

Smith’s road back to the NFL has not been an easy one, something he discussed with Glazer recently, so him looking for ways to reach out and help people is certainly admirable.

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