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What is the biggest what-if in Dallas Cowboys history?

Unfortunately there are a lot to choose from.

Dallas Cowboys Max Faulkner/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

There is a lot of history within the Dallas Cowboys organization. We are talking about a team that has been around for six decades after all, naturally there have been a ton of moments that are both good and bad.

What about moments that you think about late at night, though? You know the ones. When you walk downstairs in the middle of the night for a midnight snack that you eat quietly so as not to wake anyone... there are Dallas Cowboys moments that you think about. We all have them.

These moments can all generally be categorized as what-if thoughts. What if things had gone a certain way? What if they hadn’t gone that way? What if?

If you talk about just the Jerry Jones era you can ask a lot of what-if questions:

  • What if Jimmy Johnson never left?
  • What if they never acquired Deion Sanders?
  • What if Bill Parcells didn’t retire?
  • What if the 2007 Cowboys beat the Giants in the Divisional Round?
  • What if the Dez catch was ruled properly?

It is what if week across SB Nation and we are going to be diving into some of these a bit more deeply throughout the next several days. Before we do so though we want to know what the biggest what-ifs in Cowboys history are in your opinion?

Which one eats at you the most?

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