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The Cowboys have the firepower on offense but still have to answer these questions

Questions, questions, questions.... we have them for the Cowboys.

NFL: NOV 24 Cowboys at Patriots Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

So we know that NFL front offices and draft experts believe the Dallas Cowboys offense could be a juggernaut with the addition of 17th round pick CeeDee Lamb. They were being called #Team40burger for a reason. But even with all the optimism surrounding this team, there are questions that still remain unanswered and really can’t be until the team can get on the field.

So let’s start with the big question for this offense. Will Mike McCarthy’s west coast offensive scheme have more offensive creativity, and how much will it influence what Kellen Moore has already established?

The main reason that McCarthy was run out of Green Bay was his lack of offensive creativity. It got so bad that many believed that Super Bowl-winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers led the charge for the change.

Now in Dallas, McCarthy has a chance to start fresh and allow young offensive coordinator Kellen Moore infuse his offense with more creativity to keep the players happy and catch defenses off guard. Moore’s offense was one of the best in the NFL last season and the combination with McCarthy has the potential to create something special, but that all depends on McCarthy’s willingness to let Moore call the game and not interfere too much with the planning.

The next question the Cowboys offense will have to answer is who will back up Blake Jarwin?

What happens if the Cowboys starting tight end were to go down in a game and is out for an extended period of time? The Cowboys brought in Blake Bell, but he’s more like fellow tight end Dalton Schultz. They aren’t going to threaten teams vertically like Jarwin is able to do.

So could either Cole Hikutini or Sean McKeon be the answer, or will they have to make a trade before the season begins so there’s an insurance policy in place in case Jarwin does actually go down. If a trade is the route they are going to take, then they are going to have to find a tight end that’s a receiving threat like Jawrin and not mainly used as a blocker like Bell and Schultz currently are.

The last question the Cowboys are going to have to answer is will Prescott, and the rest of the offense, be able to incorporate whatever changes McCarthy will make, especially if Dak remains away from the team?

We’ve been told that Prescott wasn’t going to attend the team’s offseason activities until his contract situation is figured out. We do know that he has been sent the playbook to start learning, but how much can he really learn when he’s not talking with the head coach and offensive coordinator? That might be a tall task for Prescott with everything we know about McCarthy’s west coast offense and if they change some of the terminology.

Now Moore could help by using some terminology that Prescott is already use to, but he’s still going to need that face time to make sure that nothing gets lost in translation.

The Cowboys certainly look strong on offense, but they still have challenges.

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