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Dak Prescott has been working out with Jon Kitna this offseason

Prescott has reached out to someone he is familiar with,

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2019 was Dak Prescott’s most successful season from an individual statistical standpoint. Much of Dak’s success last season was attributed to, often times by him, the Cowboys quarterbacks coach - Jon Kitna. Dak spoke often about the types of things that Kitna had him do that paid dividends, a lot of it had to do with a more aggressive philosophy in general.

The Cowboys moved on from head coach Jason Garrett this offseason and only retained offensive coordinator Kellen Moore on the offensive side of the ball. Obviously that means that they parted ways with Jon Kitna, but the former Cowboys quarterback found a new gig as he is the new head coach at Burleson High School.

Many Cowboys fans were sad to see Kitna go as Dak spoke so highly of him. Obviously we all want to see Prescott do well as a quarterback, he needs to have success for any chance of the team having success. The good news is that it doesn’t seem like Dak and Kitna are strangers these days.

Dak Prescott and Jon Kitna have been working together this offseason

If you were worried that Dak might not get to spend time with Jon Kitna anymore, think again. Renowned wide receivers coach David Robinson was a guest on the latest episode of Girls Talkin ‘Boys on our podcast feed and he noted that Dak and Kitna have been working together this offseason.

“They [Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott] look in great shape, actually. I know that they’re working out. Dak, he has his own, he’s still working out with Jon Kitna, I believe who used to be the Cowboys QB Coach. Him and Kitna they work out a lot together, often throughout the week. He looks in great shape. Him and Zeke.”

This is only good news for the Cowboys as, again, Kitna worked wonders for Dak. There is a line of logic to the fact that with Kitna not technically on the Cowboys payroll that he and Dak have more freedom to work together as there are restrictions on how often team’s coaches can work with their players.

Whenever Dak Prescott signs his long-term deal, expectations around him are going to be ginormous. Hopefully Jon Kitna can help him live up to them, whatever his job title technically is.

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