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One oddsmaker has the Dallas Cowboys with the highest non-Jets odds to land Jamal Adams

The dream that will never die, Jamal Adams and the Cowboys.

Oakland Raiders v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Until Jamal Adams signs a new deal with the New York Jets there will theoretically be a possibility that he could wind up with the Dallas Cowboys. Obviously this situation is very reminiscent of Earl Thomas.

NFL Network’s Jane Slater joined Tony Casillas and myself on the latest episode of The 75O on the Blogging The Boys podcast network and noted that this is really just talk more than anything, but when it’s the Cowboys, rumors are always going to fly.

Last week really ramped up the Adams talks but early on this one things seem to have cooled back down a bit. As we are in the summer months, this is often when things are at a standstill of sorts across the NFL, but that has not stopped oddsmakers from listing where they think Jamal Adams will end up.

Bovada has the Cowboys with the highest non-Jets odds to land Jamal Adams

The most likely scenario with Jamal Adams (significantly most likely) is that he stays with the New York Jets. Adams is one of the the best safeties in the NFL and for the Jets to walk away from that, whatever the return compensation, would be risky.

Say the Jets do decide to move on from Adams, though. While aren’t certain what that potential price would be, it does seem like the Dallas Cowboys would be the team most likely to pay it. According to the folks at Bovada, the Cowboys actually have the highest non-Jets chances of landing the star safety.

One price tag that has been thrown out in speculation has been a first- and third-round pick. Considering the Cowboys are projected to earn a third-round compensatory pick thanks to Byron Jones leaving for the Miami Dolphins in free agency, that would soften the blow.

Trade talks between Dallas and New York last fall involved a first-round pick, and since that trade ultimately was not consummated, the Cowboys wound up using the selection in question to draft CeeDee Lamb. It’s hard to know what a future first- or third-round pick could yield, but Jamal Adams is obviously a special player.

Of course, no one is denying Adams’ on-field talents. The trick with acquiring him would be negotiating a long-term deal with him right away. Some people have compared the Cowboys hypothetically acquiring Adams to the Los Angeles Rams trading for Jalen Ramsey last season. For what it’s worth the Rams acquired Ramsey during his fourth season (like the Cowboys would be doing so with Adams) and seemed to be headed towards a contract standstill with him. On Tuesday, word came out that Ramsey, who does not have a new contract yet, is not planning on holding out, so sometimes that sort of risk can pay off.

Would it with Jamal Adams, though? That is an expensive question.

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